Derrike Cope Shares Life Lessons from a Racer’s Perspective in His New E-book, “Changing Gears”

Daytona 500 winner Derrike Cope—who recently stepped away from NASCAR after the obligatory sale of the StarCom Racing #00 charter to 23XI Racing at the end of the 2021 season—has announced he is “Changing Gears.” After a brief stint of racing his own TransAm Series Car in 2022 with Nitro Motorsports, he has shifted his focus to mentoring, coaching, speaking and hosting a podcast, Race Theory, with his wife Elyshia. Cope is also currently writing a book about his successful racing career and personal life.

“The first chapter of my e-book becomes available this week,” Cope said. “How fitting that it is released the same week as the Daytona 500! A great deal of what is included in chapter one helped pave the way to my 1990 Daytona 500 win.”

The first chapter of Cope’s book is being released today in e-book form on his website This exciting first chapter covers childhood memories and early lessons learned. The chapter also dives into his first gear change when his professional baseball career aspirations were cut short. The book is filled with original thoughts and wisdom learned through trial and error during Cope’s life and career. The colorful stories of characters with true grit that shaped Cope’s path light up the page for all readers. The book also explores the struggle to survive in an ever-changing sport that can have the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Challenges can make or break your dreams, and that is certainly true for the unsung heroes of racing.

Cope is also eluding in his podcast to a possible driver coaching and ride-along program he is working on. Anyone interested in the program can go to his website and sign up for the Cope Club where they will receive free copies of the e-book chapters as they are released, a chance to have their own mentions in the future chapters and the first news of the new ride-along program. This will be the first ever race-fan-interactive autobiography!

“I’m not claiming to be a great writer,” Cope said. “I just hope experiences and lessons I have learned firsthand can inspire others to reach their potential. I have been fortunate enough to see the top and the bottom of my career, and it has given me knowledge. This knowledge might be useful to someone else on a similar path. Everyone has a story. Everyone deserves to live their best life.”

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