Transcripts: Austin Dillon & Kyle Busch – Pit Road Interview – LA Memorial Coliseum

Q. It was a strong night for RCR, second and third place Austin Dillon and Kyle Busch. Austin, you got there, just couldn’t quite get it done at the end of the race. We also saw some contact with Bubba Wallace. Things got wild at the end.

AUSTIN DILLON: Yeah, it did. I hate it for Bubba; he had a good car and a good run. But you can’t tell who’s either pushing him or getting pushed. I just know he sent me through the corner and I saved it three times through there, released the brake and all kinds of stuff, and then when I got down, I was going to give the same. Probably was a little too hard.

But yep, the Bioethanol Chevy was pretty good. My teammate let me try and go get Truex at the end. That was nice, and yeah, it’s been fun. Hopefully we can do this more often.

Q. First race for Kyle Busch with your new race team; same Kyle Busch, up front. You went all the way back. Still don’t know how you got back to the front at the end of this.

KYLE BUSCH: Yeah, it was a battle all night long, but you can’t count us out. You always got to bet on us with the BetMGM Camaro.

We used the outside on a lot of passes. Everybody would get bottled up on the bottom and start bumper tagging, and I would just go around them outside. When? You’re deep in the field you can kind of do some of that and work your way around.

But overall, good to get back up to third. Could have gotten second, but like Austin said, I let him go there. He was better than us in practice and was better than us in the beginning of the race there on the long run, so I thought he could have a shot of trying to get closer to the 19, and I’ll push him through the 19 in order for us to get the one-two, but never made it there.