Daytona 500 winner Kevin Harvick Joins Greg Olsen on Youth Inc. Podcast by Audiorama

On a recent episode of Youth Inc. hosted by Greg Olsen  from premium creation platform, AudioramaDaytona 500 winner and professional stock car driver, Kevin Harvick, stopped by to talk about the landscape of youth racing, the risks of the sport, and the importance of access and strategy.


 “Really the hardest part of the racing world is to find someone that won’t take all your money,” stated Harvick. “They’ll sweet talk you into thinking they know more than they know. Next thing you know you’re just another number making their mortgage and your kid has not learned anything and is having a bad experience and the next thing you know you are just done with racing because nothing went right and you spent all your money. “


It seems as though the earlier you start racing, the better off you are. When asked about his son Keelan’s career, Harvick added “Keelan is currently on his own racing carts in Europe, trying to make himself comfortable being uncomfortable. Over in Europe, kids either want to be a soccer player or an F1 driver. For us its really trying to develop him and so its a very professional, different approach not there is anything wrong with the cart racing here. It is just a different level because those kids are trying to achieve a different thing. If you take it to the top level, you better be ready for it because you’re going to be in some pretty intense, high pressure situations and hopefully you’ve seen them before.”


Check out the entire episode,  where Greg sits down with Kevin Harvick, professional stock car racer and Daytona 500 winner. The pair discuss the youth racing landscape (4:36), the high costs of racing (21:28) and the importance of access & strategy (28:03).


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Adam Sinclair