A Hero’s Homecoming: Checkered Flag Foundation Awards Fifth Service Canine to Deserving Service Member This Veterans Day

On November 11th, 2022, Brad Keselowski’s Checkered Flag Foundation (BKCFF) awarded their fifth service canine to a deserving service member during a special Veteran’s Day “A Hero’s Homecoming” celebration. BKCFF gives back to heroes through various initiatives that focus on supporting servicemen and servicewomen in their transition to civilian life, investing in their overall mental health, and providing resources to the families who make sacrifices for our freedoms as well.

An ongoing initiative for BKCFF is sponsoring the certified training of service canines to be awarded to deserving veterans, free of cost, through their Service Dog Fund. To date, CFF has awarded five service dogs during ‘A Hero’s Homecoming’ ceremonies which represents the dog’s graduation and their hand off to the selected veteran.

During this special Veterans Day “A Hero’s Homecoming” celebration, service canine Kala was awarded to her new owner and handler, U.S. Navy Corpsman Kelli Carter. This moment marked the beginning of Kelli and Kala’s new journey together. Learn more about the heroes and how they will make an impact below.


Meet the Heroes:

United States Navy Corpsman Kelli Carter: Meet the Recipient of K9 Kala, Kelli Carter. Kelli Carter is a Navy Corpsman who joined the Navy in 2016 where she holds the rank of Petty Officer Second Class. Kelli recently converted to the Navy Reserves so she can attend Watts College of Nursing in Durham, NC. Once finished, she intends to return to active duty by commissioning as a Naval Officer where she can help others in the military with her nursing skills. In her free time, Kelli competes as a bodybuilder using the gym as an outlet to refocus her anxiety.

Certified Service Dog Kala: Introducing the honorary pup, K9 Kala! Kala is an 11-month-old Dutch shepherd with training tailored to Kelli’s specific needs. Kala is trained in obedience, alerts on command, and to recognize and alert Kelli when people are too close. Kala’s high-energy personality makes her the perfect companion for Kelli.

Join the Checkered Flag Foundation in their mission to support heroes by visiting www.checkeredflagfoundation.org/donate or shop on their online store at www.checkeredflagfoundation.org/shop.

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