Transcript: Joey Logano – Frontstretch Interview – Phoenix Raceway

Q. He told the kids before he left he was going to come home with his second championship. Joey Logano, congratulations. You have done it.

JOEY LOGANO: We did it! We’re champions again, yes! Oh, my God, I’m so excited. Thank you to everybody, my team. You guys are amazing. Gave me a good race car, good pit stop there at the end, got us up in front. Boy, that was just intense there at the end.

It’s all about championships. That’s what it’s all about, and we worked so hard the last couple weeks trying to put ourselves in position. And everything that happened in 2020, I knew we just wanted to have a solid run and do this today.

I can’t thank Ford and Shell-Pennzoil enough for supporting me over the last 10 years, getting us a couple championships today. All our partners at Team Penske, everybody that works on these cars. It’s such a big deal to win these championships. It impacts so many people’s lives.

Obviously the news this morning with Coy, too, I don’t know what to think. But obviously my condolences go to the Gibbs family. But just an incredible day for us, and kind of mixed emotions at the moment.

Q. The family is here; you guys got the pole. It was a perfect race all day. Did you ever have any doubts of being able to get back here and get that second championship?

JOEY LOGANO: I don’t know what you said, Rut. I don’t really care, either. What did you say?

Q. A perfect day for you, the team top to bottom. Was there ever any doubt for you?

JOEY LOGANO: No, no, I knew going into this thing that we’re going to win the championship. I told the guys we were the favorite from Daytona, and we truly believed it, and that’s the difference.

Man, it’s like I said, I had a good team with a bunch of confidence, and we had all the reason in the world to be confident. I’ve never been truly this ready for a championship race, and yeah, we did it, man. I can’t believe it.

Q. Family has defined your career from the summers you spent with your dad in a camper, your family here. What does it mean to have them here with you?

JOEY LOGANO: Oh, man, it’s so special. JayMo and Emilia are at home. Hi, guys. Daddy will be home soon, but we’re going to party a little bit first. We might be in a little rough shape when we get home. But man, this is what it’s all about, though. When you’re a kid his age, my dream was to win Cup championships, and here we are with two of them. Man, it means so much. It’s so special. I just want to celebrate, Rut!


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