RCR NCS Post Race Report: Martinsville Speedway

Austin Dillon and the No. 3 Dow Chevrolet Team Exit Martinsville Speedway Early Following On-Track Incident





“It was an unfortunate ending to our race today at Martinsville Speedway. We didn’t have the greatest car all day, but I think we could have got up there and battled. Something broke during Stage 2 and we hit the wall. It’s not the way we wanted our day to end, but I want to thank Dow and Dap for their support this weekend. We’ll head to Phoenix Raceway to close out this season on a strong note.”

-Austin Dillon

Tyler Reddick, 3CHI Team Sidelined Early at Martinsville Speedway 






“It wasn’t the race we wanted today at Martinsville Speedway. We were running a solid race early today in the 3CHI Chevrolet. My spotter, Derek Kneeland, saw the stack up coming and I checked up a bit. I ran into the back of Noah Gragson a little bit, and the car behind me hit me pretty solidly from behind. It was a pretty hard hit from both the front and the back. After that I just didn’t feel 100 percent, so I didn’t want to put myself into any further danger. We ended our race early just to play it safe.”


-Tyler Reddick