Transcript: Denny Hamlin – Pit Road Interview – Martinsville Speedway

Q. It was an unbelievable move that cost Denny a chance for his fifth chance to go to the Championship 4. Can you believe it came down that way?

DENNY HAMLIN: You got to execute all day. We just didn’t control the race when we had control of it. Each caution we just kept losing some spots. That’s the way it is.

But thank Chris Gabehart, the whole FedEx Camry team for giving me a fast car today. It was unbelievable when it was out front.

Yeah, just couldn’t quite hang on to it there on pit road. But congrats to Chris, those guys just did an amazing job, really capitalizing and doing well, winning races when they needed to.

Hopefully they can carry the banner for us.

Q. Fighting for position late in the race, even with Ross, traditional Martinsville, you got to try to get everything you can?

DENNY HAMLIN: Certainly. We’re trying to battle. Obviously I was trying to get in there. But it’s racing. It’s what racing is here as Martinsville. Actually pretty happy with somewhat how clean it was there towards the end, as crazy was it was with guys on different tires.

Can’t say enough for my team to give us a shot. We were in 20s for most of the season in our points because of our up-and-down execution.

We’re going to end up fifth in points. That is what it is.

Q. You’ve watched the replay a couple times. What do you think of the move?

DENNY HAMLIN: Great move. Brilliant. Certainly a great move. When you have no other choice, it certainly is easy to do that. But well executed.