Transcript: Martin Truex Jr. Pit Road Interview – Homestead Miami Speedway

Q. Martin, we saw the contact from the 5, checked in with your team, they said the 5 spun you. Larson just told Marty he didn’t think it was his fault. The booth noted you seemed a little far to commit to your pit stall. What happened?

MARTIN TRUEX JR.: Yeah, it was definitely a little bit of both of that. It’s really hard to see through these windshields right now with the sun like that and all the stuff covering it. I did see my box late for sure, so I slowed down before I turned out of the way of the 5 there.

Obviously partly on me. I didn’t expect to get turned around. I’m glad nobody got hurt there.

But overall it’s just disappointing. To have a good day going like that and have a shot at winning and couldn’t close the deal. I hate it for my team. It’s been one of those years.

Thanks to Bass Pro and Johnny and Tracker and Cabela’s, everybody that supports us and sticks behind us, all our fans. We’re going to keep digging. We’re going to win a bunch of races. We’ve just got to get through this rough patch.