NASCAR Penalty Report – Las Vegas Motor Speedway

NASCAR Cup Series
10/16/2022 (race) Las Vegas No. 45 Behavioral Sections 4.3.A; 4.4.C & E: NASCAR Member
Code of Conduct
Driver (Bubba Wallace) has been suspended from the next
NASCAR Cup Series Championship event.
10/16/2022 (race) Las Vegas No. 18 Safety Sections Loss or separation of an improperly installed tire/wheel from the vehicle
Note: Loss of tire/wheel during the event.
Crew Chief (Ben Beshore) and crew members (Derrell Edwards and Miachel Hicks) have been suspended from the next four events (through The Clash at the L.A. Colisuem, February 5, 2023)
NASCAR Xfinity Series
10/15/2022 (post-race inspection) Las Vegas No. 54 Safety Sections Tires and Wheels
Note: Lug nut(s) not properly installed.
Crew chief (Chris Gayle) has been fined $5,000.
10/14/2022 (pre-qualifying inspection) Las Vegas No. 51 L1 Section 14.4.B.E:  Body
Note: Flange Fit Composite Body must be used as supplied from the manufacturer without modification.
Crew chief (Mark Setzer) has been fined $25,000 and suspended from the next NASCAR Xfinity Series Championship Points Event. Team has been assessed with the loss of 40 owner points and 40 driver points.
10/18/2022 N/A Andrew Abbott N/A N/A Andrew Abbott has been reinstated and he is eligible to return to all NASCAR activity.