Transcript: Ross Chastain – Talladega Superspeedway

Q. Ross Chastain, a solid fourth-place finish. Led a lot of laps today. In the end could you have done anything differently?

ROSS CHASTAIN: For sure. We made a lot of moves; a lot of moves got made on us. There are 188 laps. I would say there’s two or three times a lap you have a decision to make. There’s two that stick out in my mind where I had control of the middle lane, and I went bottom. Needed to just stay middle. It was so weird. It was just different, it wasn’t weird. The cars ran better in the middle lane.

Worked really well with the 12 there and a couple of guys. Good to work with them again. It has been a few years that me and Ryan tried to tandem here in trucks 10 years ago. It’s wild to think we have been here a decade in this sport, and I had Ryan and Brad lined up. That was some cool moments. Get a Chevy in Victory Lane, that makes it even sweeter.

Q. As you head to the Roval plus 28, how does that make you feel?

ROSS CHASTAIN: Better than anything less. Every point earned is just better. It’s never ending. You just want more.

With 29 I’d feel better, but if it was 27 I’d feel worse. 28 is nice, really good points earned today for Daniel and myself. For this Trackhouse group to keep executing throughout those Playoffs, we’re figuring this out as we go. I’m experiencing this and loving every moment of it as I get to do this.