Race Winner Christopher Bell Start/Finish Line Interview – New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Q. What an impressive day for Christopher Bell, Joe Gibbs Racing. He came in saying, yeah, no doubt, one of my better racetracks, and he puts himself into the 2022 playoffs in front of these New Hampshire fans. How about that? Welcome to the playoffs, Christopher.

CHRISTOPHER BELL: Man, that one was much needed right there. I’ll tell you what, that was a hell of a race from my viewpoint. That was so much fun racing with the 45, the 22 and the 9. We were all running different lines. That was a blast.

Just so happy. So happy to be here at Joe Gibbs Racing, all our partners on this No. 20 car. It’s good to get Rheem back in Victory Lane.

Q. Coming into this race you knew you were really good at this racetrack; you said “one of my best racetracks.” When you were coming to celebrate, you said, “I can’t believe it.” Why?

CHRISTOPHER BELL: Just looking at all the crowd, and winning Cup races is hard. You guys are awesome, thank you for coming out, but it just seems like we’ve been so close and then we’ve fallen off a little bit last week.

I was talking to my best friend, and I told him, earlier in the year I felt like we were right on the verge of winning and then the last couple weeks I felt like we were pretty far away, but here we are today.

Q. I know you said you weren’t super stoked about the lobster situation. Are you going to be okay with it if it means you’re in the playoffs?

CHRISTOPHER BELL: I guess I’m going to have to be.