CHEVROLET NCS AT ROAD AMERICA: Tyler Reddick Race Winner Quick Quote and Notes



·       The win is Tyler Reddick’s first career victory in 92 NASCAR Cup Series starts.

·       It also marks the 110th NASCAR Cup Series triumph for Richard Childress Racing.

·       Reddick’s victory marks Chevrolet’s ninth-consecutive NASCAR Cup Series road course win.. a streak that started at Circuit of The Americas in May 2021.  

·       Reddick is now the 13th different NASCAR Cup Series winner thus far this season, seven of which are Chevrolet drivers.

·       Chevrolet drivers swept the top-five finishing positions, led by Reddick, Chase Elliott (2nd), Kyle Larson (3rd), Ross Chastain (4th) and Daniel Suarez (5th).

·       The victory moved Chevrolet to double-digit wins on the season, marking the Camaro ZL1’s 10th NASCAR Cup Series win of 2022.

·       The winningest brand in NASCAR, Chevrolet now has 824 all-time NASCAR Cup Series victories.


TYLER REDDICK, NO. 8 3CHI CAMARO ZL1, Race Winner Quick Quote:


Q. The two-time NASCAR Xfinity Series champion is now a Cup Series winner. So cool to see all these drivers coming back to congratulate him, including Brad Keselowski, who used to be his boss. What were you thinking as you were racing Chase Elliott there for the lead and eventually what wound up being the win?

“Well, I definitely knew he (Chase Elliott) was fast, but we could stay with him on the long run. That told me if we cycled through that last pit sequence, we’d be close or get around him, and we’d have a great shot. Didn’t quite get around him.. we were within reach. Thankfully we just waited for the right opportunity and was able to take advantage of it in Turn 6.


I thought he was going to run me back down. I started to make some mistakes and started to take care of the brakes; apparently I didn’t need to. Yeah, very good shape there. What a day.


Q. I want to know the significance for you personally. We talked earlier this week, you said we’ve got to put together the last 10 percent of a race. You did that today. Did you sense the playoff pressure, that hey, our season is on the line, we’ve got to get it done today?

“We had to. What better place than Road America? I love the fans. I love this racetrack. Being here on 4th of July weekend is just so special. And just a huge shout out to 3Chi and the special paint scheme we had this weekend. Love that they’re coming on board this year and taking a chance on a young guy like me and we got it done. We won a race.”


Q. Not only is it the first win for you, Randall Burnett; and now RCR is in the playoffs, as well.

“Randall (Burnett, Crew Chief) has been working at this for a very long time and he’s always believed in me. Everyone on this team at Richard Childress Racing has believed in me. I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way; but man, this year has been one step, one mistake away from greatness all year long, and we finally did it today. It feels good.”