Transcript: Joey Logano Frontstretch World Wide Technology Raceway

  1. What a celebration for Joey Logano. He’s got some fans, some kids, holding his flag up, and the little guy gets the checkered flag. Joey, I don’t know what it is. You’ve got a knack for winning at places we go to for the first time. And here Gateway, what does it mean to you to win the first time here in a packed house?

JOEY LOGANO: Thanks for coming out, guys. I hope you enjoyed that race. It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Racing for the lead like that with Kyle, one of the best. It was a lot of fun. Crossing each other back and forth. I knew it was coming. I did it to him; I knew he was going to do it to me. We crossed back and forth there in the last lap there a couple of times. 

Good for Pennzoil Mustang for sure. Nice to get a few wins on the season here, start collecting those points, playoff points. I’m out of breath. Jamie, I’m way out of breath here. 

What a great car, though. Really fast. I kind of messed up in qualifying, and Paul made a great call putting two tires on. Blaney did a great job with the push down in the one, which kept me close at least and being able to make the move. Good racing there. 

  1. We watched your crew chief, Paul Wolfe. I think he was sweating it out there when we had a couple of restarts there, but you mentioned it. What was it like? What’s going through your mind when you are trying to decide which lane to choose and if your teammate is going to be behind to you help you out?

JOEY LOGANO: That’s what I was hoping, that Blaney would choose with me. He did a good teammate move there and then being able to push me and give Team Penske a chance to win the race. That was cool to see that Ford power lined up on the bottom lining that up. That was special to see. 

Like I said, it was a good race crossing each other. Who would have thought we had slide jobs like that here? I thought we would be running towards the bottom, and we were running way up top and crossing each other. It was a lot of fun to race here, and looking forward to coming back.


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