Transcript: Denny Hamlin Frontstretch Kansas

  1. Denny, maybe turning of the tide finally and that luck for Denny Hamlin. Your second top ten. But your team won today. Denny, what are the emotions you feel right now as a driver and owner?

DENNY HAMLIN: I’m just so happy for these drivers. I’ll be right back. 

KURT BUSCH: Appreciate it, man. We did this. We did it, man. Hell ya. 

DENNY HAMLIN: Thank you. 

KURT BUSCH: Thank you. 

  1. You have tears in your eyes. What are those emotions right now going through this?

DENNY HAMLIN: I’ll take him. 

  1. Party on the Denny Hamlin plane tonight?

DENNY HAMLIN: Just, you know, we as an organization have kind of let these guys down. I’m talking about Bubba and Kurt with so many mistakes that we’ve made on pit road and what not. 

Bubba got let down again on the last stop, but he was fast. I thought he was a little better than I was. We had to go back again three times today. 

But let’s talk about the positives. Just can’t thank Kurt enough. Jordan Brand’s first race. So jealous he gets to drive that car and then to have that thing so fast there. 

I’m just — yeah. I have never had certainly this kind of feeling even for a win for me much less when I did win, so it’s just different. 

  1. Congratulations, Denny. Well done.