William Bryon Pit Road Interview Darlington

Q. We just heard from Joey, and it sounded almost like it was a retaliation thing; did you guys have something happen before that?

WILLIAM BYRON: No, I mean, we were really close off of 2 and I think it spooked him and got him tight, and he was right against the wall and I got the lead. He’s just an idiot. He does this stuff all the time. I’ve seen it with other guys.

He drove in there 10 miles an hour too fast, and with these Next-Gen cars, he slammed me so hard it knocked the whole right side off the car and no way to make the corner.

Yeah, he’s just a moron. He can’t win a race so it does it that way. I don’t know, we’ll — yeah, it was close racing on the restart. We were faster than him. Obviously at the end the right rear started to go away, and yeah, he didn’t even make it a contest.