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2022 Ross Chastain Trackhouse Racing Dover Advance

Ross Chastain has won two of the last five races, including a last lap pass to win Sunday at Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway, posted five top-three finishes in 10 races in 2022 and is part of Trackhouse Racing - the season's most surprising NASCAR Cup Series team led by owner and former driver Justin Marks.

His team's business partner Pitbull aka "Mr. Worldwide" has noticed the success and is giving Trackhouse Racing a shout out in his new single "Can't Stop Us Now" with country rock superstar Zac Brown out on all platforms Friday

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In addition to Pitbull's 89 million social media followers, the song will be heard billions of times by his music fans in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Latin America and the United States.

NASCAR fans attending or watching Sunday's Cup Series race at Dover (Del.) Motor Speedway will see Chastain's No. 1 Chevrolet Camaro carrying the "Can't Stop Us Now" logos promoting both the song and Pitbull's 50-event "Can't Stop Us Now" North America concert tour that begins in July.



Watch the Unveiling of Ross Chastain's

No. 1 "CAN'T STOP US NOW" Chevrolet

For Chastain, the 29-year-old Alva, Florida native who is an eighth generation watermelon farmer, it's been one of those overnight success stories that took a lifetime to achieve.

After his traditional smashing of a watermelon after the victory Sunday, he's spent the week doing media including national television and radio appearances. Now he's helping one of the most popular entertainers on the planet promote his song and concert tour.

"How cool is all of this right now," asked Chastain who said he texted with Pitbull on Monday because he was unable to come to the phone when Pitbull called victory lane in Talladega on Sunday.

"Justin got to talk with him, but I was too busy jumping around hugging everyone and doing the victory lane stuff. I really want him here in victory lane with us someday soon."

Chastain's remarkable success in 2022 has him second in points if the playoffs were to start today. He'd like to climb one spot higher in the standings by winning Sunday in Dover.

If he does, this time he vows to take Pitbull's phone call.


"What a blessing to be part of the Trackhouse family! I’m very proud of Daniel and Ross racing this season. It’s a true honor to have the No. 1 car support our new song and tour "Can’t Stop Us Now" this weekend in Dover. 99 + 1 equals Trackhouse 100, Dale!" 

-- Pitbull


Ross Chastain, Driver of the No. 1 CAN'T STOP US NOW Chevrolet

How cool is it to have Pitbull on your car Sunday in Dover?

"Who would have ever thought I would be teaming up with Pitbull? That is so cool and shows how interesting life really is. He is such a motivator, we want to really do well for him Sunday. I hope we play "Can't Stop Us Now" in victory lane at Dover."

Your first Cup victories have come at two distinct tracks. Is that mind-blowing for you?

"Absolutely mind-blowing, it is. I grew up short-track racing, so I just assumed and thought that was where I was the best. Turning right was hard, drafting was hard. I just thought I would never be able to catch up to guys that had been doing it so much longer than me. A lot of time and work and really good people surrounding me, we've closed the gap. There's still a long ways to go. But, yeah, it's absolutely mind-blowing."

You drove the same car to victories on a road course and superspeedway. Is that proof the Next Gen car is a success?

"It makes it so special that Jim France and the NASCAR family, the France family, their vision for this car, that you can win a race on a road course. Is it a month? Has it been a month or two months since COTA? In a month, you can bring a car back you won in at a road course and win at Talladega. That hasn't happened since the '60s. I don't know, farther back. I have no idea. They would have different cars. It's wild. That's more what it means to me, that this car is capable of that. Change the geometry, the suspension, shim the body a little bit, go race. Put different tune in the motor for a superspeedway, adjust your rear diffuser, adjust everything, and the same car can come race. That's just wild. I'm not sitting here going to say it's any cheaper yet. I don't think it's cheaper for us than just building a new car like in the past. I don't know. I don't know the business behind what we're doing. I just drive the cars. It is special, though."

Does it just seem surreal at times?

"It does not seem real at all. I keep waiting to wake up from this dream and realize it's all not what I think I'm living. But I've got great groups of people from Trackhouse, the competition and business side, my family, people in Charlotte and around Mooresville that keep reminding me and keep showing me this is real. I talked about it earlier, sitting right here at this spot, I'm right where I want to be, and I have the people around me. They keep me remembering and keep reminding me and keep pushing me to make this the best we can make it. We're not resting on any of this stuff. Like Justin said, I might not be quite as sharp in the morning to get to work on Dover, but I'll get to work on it at some point tomorrow."

Trackhouse Racing PR


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