CHEVY NCS: Ross Chastain Scores Second NCS Win at Talladega

Behind the wheel of his No. 1 Moose Fraternity Camaro ZL1, Ross Chastain scored his second NASCAR Cup Series (NCS) win of 2022 at the Talladega Superspeedway.
·       The win is Chastain’s second victory in 125-career starts in the NASCAR Cup Series.
·       It also marks the second NASCAR Cup Series triumph for Trackhouse Racing in just the organization’s second season of competition.
·       The triumph makes Chastain just the second driver to become a repeat winner in the NASCAR Cup Series thus far this season.
·       Chastain’s triumph is also the sixth of the season for the Camaro ZL1, and the 42nd victory for Team Chevy at Talladega Superspeedway, to lead all manufacturers.
·       The winningest brand in NASCAR, Chevrolet now has 820 all-time NASCAR Cup Series victories.
Q. Ross Chastain with his patented watermelon celebration. You were a lap down at one point in this race. Talk me through the crazy last lap. You stayed on the bottom. Things just opened up for you.
“Holy cow. I’m always the one going to the top too early, making the mistake. There at the end it was like eight to go, I was like, I’m not going up there again. I did that a couple times today. I was like, I’ll just ride on the bottom. If it works, I’m not going to lose the race for us, I’ll just let them.
This Moose fraternity, almost a million Moose members across the world, in the country – I know there’s some out here at Talladega. To win with the Moose onboard – they’ve been with me for a few years now, supported me everywhere I went.
I have no idea. They kept going up, kept moving out of the way.”
Q. You come to Trackhouse Racing this season. Could you ever imagine this amount of success this early on in your tenure here?
“No. Are you kidding me? You know me. I’ve wrecked myself so many times and gotten into it with guys. I’ve probably got a watermelon seed. This is a true seedless.
Yeah, I mean, Justin Marks (Owner, Trackhouse Racing) and what he laid out for us was ambitious. I had no idea, you know, what to expect other than I knew I had my group from last year, I had AdventHealth, the Moose, now with Worldwide Express and Jockey coming onboard, we’ve got partners. They’re believing in us.
We started the year with a lot of races open. We’re almost full now. It’s because of the vision of Justin Marks. Pitbull, Armando, we won, yeah!”