Chris Buescher – Duel #2 Winner Frontstretch Interview

Q. Very exciting finish to this race, Chris; a little bit of contact on the back straightaway there. Talk me through it in your eyes and tell me about this victory. Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing, what a day.

CHRIS BUESCHER: Yeah, what a way to start Speedweeks out here, right, to put both RFK Ford Mustangs in Victory Lane, give Fastenal their first win on a Cup car. It’s not the big show, but we’ve got a really good hotrod here.

Just hat’s off to everybody back at the shop. I know it’s been a hectic off season for everybody in our sport, but we’ve had a lot of changes going on, and it’s cool to see it play out.

I think we were racing there — I think Brad talked about it, we got to race because he kept his clean and won, so we got to go out there and race it, and I know everybody was trying to do the same and trying to throw a block there at the end. I don’t want to get into him, just trying to pull down and get in front of the 15 there. I don’t want it to happen that way for sure, but I am really proud of the effort, proud of a nice good execution all the way down pit road, and we’re in a good spot here. That’s exciting.