Busch Clash post-race quotes — Joey Logano, Kyle Busch, Erik Jones, Austin Dillon

Joey Logano


  1. Joey Logano, so much anticipation for this event. What does it mean to you to be the first winner right here, the Clash at the Coliseum?

JOEY LOGANO: I can’t believe that we’re here. L.A. Coliseum, we got the victory with the old Shell-Pennzoil Mustang. This is an amazing event. Congratulations, NASCAR. Such a huge step in our industry to be able to do this, put on an amazing race for everybody. I’m out of breath. I’m so excited about this. It was a big win.

This is big. Having a baby, my wife is having a baby tomorrow, our third one. Pretty big weekend for us.

  1. You got a lot of applause for that baby number three. Joey, yesterday in practice, you struggled a little bit. You’re learning this car. How did you step up so big, make those right adjustments, be able to run and win here?

JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, Paul and Shaggy and the engineers do a great job. The guys working on the car did an amazing job. Finding speed, we were slow, 28th or so on the board yesterday. Made some good changes. Worked with our teammate, Ryan Blaney, I owe a lot to him too, to see some of the gains they made, and ultimately get the win.

I want to say hi to My buddy Hudson and Jamison, my wife Brittany. This is cool. I’m headed home after this. I told her, if you’re having the baby, I’m running right off the track from here. I don’t think it’s happening right now. This is special to get the first Next Gen win, the first win here in the Coliseum. It’s a special one. We’re going to have some fun and celebrate it.


Kyle Busch


  1. Kyle, so strong all weekend long here at the Coliseum. Looks like it faded.

KYLE BUSCH: Yeah, I was being perfect, doing everything I needed to do to keep the tires underneath me. When I got close, Now I got to try more, pounce at an opportunity. Just overheated the tires and smoked ’em in three laps. That was it.

Disappointing obviously. Come out here and win the pole, lead laps, run up front. The finish goes green, it’s not chaotic and we can’t win. It sucks. Congratulations to my son. He won yesterday. So that’s cool. I was trying to match him. He’s winning more than me these days. Somebody better send him a contract.


Erik Jones


  1. A little drama with Ryan Blaney. What happened between you two?

ERIK JONES: I was racing with him there. He brake checked me off of four. Okay, no real reason. I didn’t appreciate that. Felt like I showed it on the track.

We have a conversation, we have a conversation. It’s an exhibition race. We’re out here doing what we can. I was frustrated with the move that he made. That’s what happened.

But overall thought the Chevy was really good. A good weekend, come home fourth for us. We were just talking, means a lot for the setups for the rest of the season. Nobody came out here not trying. Feels good to run good. Hopefully carry that momentum to Daytona.


Austin Dillon


  1. What else did you need at the very end of this thing?

AUSTIN DILLON: Man, I don’t know. From where we were last night, took a lot of crazy faith, a little prayer last night, talked to myself. We got it together today. The Chevy was really fast in practice. I struggled a little bit in qualifying. I knew when we got in the race, I would be fine. The long run speed was fine.

Disappointed I couldn’t get to the next two cars. Really wanting to get there. All in all a great race from where we were last night. Everybody back home at RCR, a great job, it was a good showing for us.