Matt Tifft and B.J. McLeod are thrilled to announce the formation of Live Fast Motorsports

The #78 Ford Mustang will compete on a full-time basis in the 2021 season and beyond. B.J. McLeod will pilot the #78 Mustang under the charter that Tifft and McLeod obtained in 2020, alongside Joe Falk. Live Fast Motorsports has entered a strategic partnership with Stewart-Haas Racing to assist the team in competition and navigating the difficulties of developing a successful NASCAR Cup team.


Live Fast Motorsports is excited to be joining an incredible group of owners, as well as the new teams and ownership coming into the sport. NASCAR’S Next Gen car and model for teams will provide opportunities for new teams to compete at a higher level. Live Fast Motorsports and its partners are ready to take on the challenge to grow and develop as a team. See you in Daytona!

Live Fast Motorsports PR