CITGARD Returns to Power John Hunter Nemechek at Texas

Nemechek on Texas:
Texas was one of the races I ran last year with Front Row Motorsports, so you always look forward to going back to a place where you had good experiences. Having the same crew when we go back is helpful and I’m confident in where we’re going as a team. We already have a notebook from running at Texas last year, so hopefully we can start off close. As a mile-and-a-half track, Texas is basically Kentucky reversed. The track is going to change a lot with the PJ1, so as a driver, you need to find the best line to run while adapting to various conditions. 
“It’s great to have CITGARD back on board with us this weekend, and we want to extend a special welcome to FleetPride Service Centers to the CITGARD family. CITGARD heavy duty engine oils are now available at all 43 FleetPride Service Center locations across the US. I’m looking forward to a great run at Texas this weekend, and a great result for our partners.”