RCR Post Race Report – Duels

Austin Dillon and the Bass Pro Shops / Tracker Off Road Team Survive Duel and Capture Sixth Place Finish at Daytona



“It’s a pretty good start to the season to earn some points tonight in the Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Off Road Chevrolet. Those extra points could come in handy during the season. We had a great race. We started losing the front end in dirty air and we are lacking some speed, but we have two practice sessions left to work on our car. The No. 47 car was just so unbelievably fast tonight. I was holding him up when I was leading, but when he was in front he pulled me pretty well. I think we’re strong enough to put together a solid race on Sunday if all of the Chevrolets work together.”


-Austin Dillon 

Tyler Reddick and Caterpillar Team Finish 10th During Duel at Daytona International Speedway



“We were in a really good position to start the race off with our Caterpillar Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE. I was being a little cautious at first with how aggressive I was going to block for position in the outer lane. On Lap 4 or 5, I had a good run on the 1 and was running in the top five. I wanted to move our Chevrolet further up still and made a move to the outside but got put three-wide and shuffled back. That affected our race a little bit, especially when it started to single out. I started to panic a little bit then, but my crew chief, Randall Burnett, and spotter, Derek Kneeland, did a great job of reminding me there was still a lot of race left to run. The caution towards the end of the race helped stack everyone back up again, which was great since I was able to push the issue on the aggression side a little bit more. It’s hard when a bunch of Fords are lined up on the outside to get one of them to jump out and go with you, but I had some good cars to push me from behind which helped us climb back up through the field. There were a couple moves I could have tried to get a few more spots, but that would have been too risky for our starting spot in the DAYTONA 500. We kept our No. 8 Caterpillar Chevrolet clean tonight, and that’s what mattered most.”


-Tyler Reddick