Edsel Ford Wins Landmark Award for Outstanding Contributions to NASCAR

Edsel B. Ford II, member of the Board of Directors, Ford Motor Company, was named winner of the Landmark Award for Outstanding Contributions to NASCAR as part of the 2020 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee announcement this afternoon in Charlotte, NC.


Mr. Ford conducted a media availability session afterwards and talked about his emotions on winning the award.


WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU?  “It means a great deal to me.  I’m honored to be given this award and I feel I have an ambassadorial role within Ford Motor Company and NASCAR, so it’s wonderful.  I’m truly honored.”


DID YOU EVER ENVISION WINNING SOMETHING LIKE THIS?  “No.  I started motor racing 53 years ago with my father when we went to Le Mans and I do it because I love the sport.”


WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR FORD AS A COMPANY?  “I don’t know, but we’ve been in the NASCAR business for a long time.  I think this will be a great honor for Ford as it is a great honor for me.  Our NASCAR presence has almost been since Day 1, I think.”


WHAT WAS THE EMOTION WHEN YOU HEARD YOUR NAME CALLED?  “It was surprise.  I love this sport.  I love being around NASCAR.  I told my boys when they were growing up I said, ‘From my experience the one group of people that won’t disappoint you are racers.’  I say that because they’re transparent, they’re frank, they bring their families to the races.  I’ve known a lot of race car drivers all my life.  I’m going to Jackie Stewart’s 80th birthday in two weeks, so I’ve known them a long time.  My kids love racing as much as I do, so it’s fun.”


WHAT WOULD YOUR GREAT GRANDFATHER THINK ABOUT THIS HONOR?  “I think he’d be thrilled.  He was a racer and he knew the benefit of automobile racing, so I think he would be thrilled.  At least I hope he would be.”

WHAT WAS IT LIKE TO HAVE TO LEAVE THE ROOM AND KNOW EVERYONE WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU FOR THIS AWARD?  “That was OK.  They told me that I had to leave the room and I had to excuse myself, and I knew that they were going to vote, so it was fine.  Mike Helton and I both came back and it was very quiet.”

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