Ragan Looks for Fourth Straight Top-20 at Kansas

Ragan on Kansas

“Kansas has really matured into a great track. It’s got multiple grooves, and we have run really well there over the past season and a half at Front Row Motorsports. We’ve worked really hard on our mile-and-a-half program, and I feel like we’re still putting a lot of effort into it, even these last five races. There’s a rule change coming next year, so these cars aren’t going to be the same. We’ll try to make them faster and have more downforce and drive better. So, Kansas is an important race for us. We’ve been able to run in the top 15, top 20 the last few races there.

“Our 2018 notebook will basically be put into archives. The racing next year is going to continue to evolve with the downforce engine package, and Goodyear will probably change the tires around to accommodate. And then you always have other developments throughout the year. So, the old notes won’t be thrown away, but they’ll probably be put away to where we can reference them if we need to. But things are going to change a lot going forward.”

Ragan Kansas Stats
19 starts, 1 top-10, 3 top-15s, 9 top-20s
Best finish: 8th

Meet David
Sunday, Oct. 21, 10:10am – Ford Performance display (Kansas Speedway Fan Zone)