Bayne Suffers From Brake Issue at Watkins Glen

Trevor Bayne was left bringing his No. 6 AdvoCare Ford to the garage, instead of to the green flag Sunday afternoon at Watkins Glen.  Bayne realized a brake issue on the pace laps and after two pit stops it was determined a trip to the garage was needed to repair the brake calipers.  The AdvoCare crew changed both calipers in just 10 laps and Bayne was back on track running competitive lap times.  Due to the lost track position Bayne was left with a 35th-place finish.

“It’s unfortunate that we had that brake issue at the start,” said Bayne.  “The car didn’t handle well in qualifying, but we had the whole race to work on it.  Even after we got back on the track after the being in the garage I felt like we were pretty good.  I just want to thank my guys for getting our AdvoCare Ford back on the track as quick as we did.  It’s on to Michigan.”

Bayne noticed his brake pedal go right to the floor as soon as he rolled off pit road.  The team was immediately alarmed since brake issues were something many in the garage had following qualifying.  Crew chief Matt Puccia called Bayne down pit road on the pace laps and removed the left front tire to check the brakes.  The problem was not resolved, so Bayne came back down to check the right side.  The issue required a trip to the garage to have the front brake calipers replaced.  The team made the changes in just 10 laps and had Bayne back on the track.

Bayne returned to the track in the 37th position and went to work making his way around the 2.45-mile road course.  The team made the best of being 10 laps down and attempted to gamble with pit strategy to try and make up a little ground, but the cautions didn’t fall their way.  Bayne was able to pick up a few positions by the end of the 90-lap race to cross the finish line 35th Sunday at Watkins Glen.