David Ragan Watkins Glen Preview

Ragan on Watkins Glen

“There are a lot of differences in the two road courses we go to. They drive a little differently, you have to attack them a little differently. Watkins Glen is very, very fast with hard, sharp corners, where Sonoma is a little slower with a little more gradual corners and elevation changes. Watkins Glen’s got a fresh new layer of asphalt from a few years ago when they repaved the place. It’s got a lot of grip, and you really feel the speed there. Sonoma’s a little more worn out, and you have to be a little softer on the throttle and really take care of your tires. 

“I think the Glen will be one of these tracks where you put tires on only when you need fuel in the race car. So, the strategy will be a little different, but it’ll be another road course where a lot of things can happen. Typically, you have four or five guys that are really fast that you know you have to outrun.”

Meet David
Sunday, August 6, 10:15am – Ford Performance display (Watkins Glen Infield Fan Zone)