David Ragan Loudon Preview

Ragan on Loudon

“Loudon is a very unique racetrack, and it’s a tough racetrack. Usually you have a couple cars that get really hooked up there, and they’re dominant. But there’s just not a lot of overall grip. The asphalt’s getting worn out. So it does provide some good action, but it’s very hard to get a car to roll the center and to have good forward drive off, and it’s really hard on the brakes.

“It’s a unique track in that respect, but I enjoy going up there. It’s a great part of our country that we go to. There are a ton of race fans up there in the New England area that always come out for the races.

“It’s going to be a big race weekend for our partner Overton’s. They’re on our No. 38 Ford for the weekend, and they’re also the title sponsor of the race. We’ve also got C.N. Wood and Komatsu, construction industry partners, joining us as associate sponsors, too. So, we want to have a good run on Sunday for sure.”

Meet David
Friday, July 14,  6-7pm – Camping World (165 Dover Rd, Chichester, N.H.)