Stern Comments From Keselowski After Crash


SPARTA, Ky– After crashing out early in the Quaker State 400, Brad Keselowski has strong and stern words.


Keselowski wrecked out of the race on lap 89. Keselowski lost control of his Ford trying to get to the bottom lane, collecting Jimmie Johnson, putting him out of the race as well.


“I just wrecked it. It stinks. I got loose into three. I was underneath the 14. I was trying to lay up and give room but just spun out as soon as I got anywhere near the corner. I wrecked myself and a bunch of other guys. It is part of it I guess, but not a part that you have to like,” Keselowski explained about the accident. “It is part of the deal when you race at these types of tracks where it is one groove with this car and the way it is designed. You have to find a way around it and I didn’t find a way around it.”


Keselowski and his No. 2 Miller Lite Ford did not have speed throughout the weekend.


“It is frustrating. We weren’t as fast as we wanted to be today. That is always frustrating. I am probably as much frustrated with myself as I am frustrated with the situation and frustrated with the sport that we can’t design a better car than this that you can race without having to do everything on the restart. That is all part of it I guess. It is where we are right now,” Keselowski stated.



Keselowski praised Kentucky Speedway and Speedway Motorsports Inc. officials about listening to running the tire dragon in the middle groove. However, Keselowski stated that it was still a one groove racetrack.


“They made a good effort. It was better than nothing but there are limitations,” said Keselowski.


Keselowski contributed the one groove racetrack to the design of the Gen Six the series currently is running.


“The way this car is, it needs a lot more help than a Tire Dragon. It is a poorly designed race car and it makes racing on tracks like this very difficult to put on the show we want to put on for our fans. You do what you can to gouge and claw on the restarts and get everything you can get,” said Keselowski. “You have to put yourself in bad situations to do that and that is where we were. If you don’t make those moves on the restarts, then you run in the back. Or you have a bad day. The scenario that the car design, more than the track.”


After cooling off from the heat of the moment, Keselowski went to social media to clarify his comments:




Keselowski is accredited with a 39th place finish.

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