Wednesday, Feb 01

Landon Cassill Richmond Preview

Cassill on Richmond

"We practice, qualify and race all at different times at Richmond. So, you use experience to guide your adjustments and what you choose to do with your car. That track tends to be really fast when the sun goes down and really slick when the sun’s out. When we race there at night later in the year, the track frees up, but it has a lot more grip and it’s faster. But the tire falloff at Richmond during the day is a lot of fun.

"We've got The Pete Store on our No. 34 Fusion this week at Richmond. They're an important partner of ours -- our race haulers are pulled by Peterbilt trucks -- and they've got a couple stores in Virginia, one right in Richmond. It's always good to have them at the track with us."

Meet Landon
Sunday, April 30, 10:20am - Ford Performance display (Richmond International Raceway Fan Zone)



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