Landon Cassill Kansas Preview

NSCS Kansas Starts: 12
Best Kansas Finish: 17th

“I love Kansas. It’s one of my favorite places to go. Snap Fitness is going to be on board for their fourth race this season. And that’s a really good venue for them. We’ve done Kansas before with them. Their CEO is coming out, and they’ve got a really good franchisee in the area that’s a good champion of the brand. So, we enjoy having them on the car for that race. It’s also a cool race because it’s not far from home (Iowa) for me, so my parents can come out. Kansas is a race I always look forward to.
“I feel like the track has changed a lot since the repave. When we first went out there, it was really single-groove, really edgy. And it’s still that way an awful lot, but the groove opens up during the race. It’s just really fast and you carry a lot of speed through the corners.”