BK Racing Unveils Throwback Schemes for Ragan and DiBenedetto

A NASCAR ‘Throwback’ weekend at Darlington Raceway and two Toyota Camrys serve as the perfect canvas for Dr Pepper and Orange Crush to pay homage to their history. 

David Ragan’s No.23 Dr Pepper paint scheme will echo the iconic “I’m a Pepper” look that we grew up with. Matt DiBenedetto’s No. 83 is going to stand out in the Orange Crush paint scheme from the 70s.
“We’re proud to have both Dr Pepper and Orange Crush featured on our cars for the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway,” said BK Racing owner Ron Devine. “Dr Pepper has been such a loyal partner of ours and we are thrilled to have them bring Orange Crush along for such an iconic race.”
“We’re thrilled to partner with NASCAR and BK Racing in remembering our heritage,” says Derek Dabrowski, Senior Director of Brand Marketing for Crush and Dr Pepper. “‘I’m a Pepper’ remains one of the most iconic slogans and jingles in U.S. advertising history, and it’s a great source of pride for ‘Peppers’ everywhere. We’re looking forward to honoring it with NASCAR fans during this throwback weekend.”
“We’re also excited to pay tribute to the rich heritage of Orange Crush,” continues Dabrowski. “We hope by showing off the brand’s throwback creative we can tap into the nostalgic feelings race spectators and our longtime Crush fans have for the brand.”
During the weeks leading up to the race, BK Racing’s social media will throwback to the history of the Dr Pepper brand. Fans can participate by using the hashtag #ImAPepper. Fans who participate will be entered to win autographed merchandise. The contest will run from August 18th through the Darlington race weekend.

BK Racing PR