Posse Films Announces Film About Legendary NASCAR Driver Bobby Allison Entitled: Racer’s Heart

Posse Films, LLC, the inspirational feature film production company that controls the rights to several historically significant and uplifting life stories, recently announced the making of a biopic about the larger-than-life NASCAR pioneer, and NASCAR Hall of Fame member, Bobby Allison.

Together with the Allison family, the Posse Films team will put the dramatic story of one of the greatest NASCAR legends on the silver screen. Posse Films is in pre-production on the heart-centered motivational story of Bobby Allison.

“My family and I are thrilled to have this film produced by Posse Films,” Bobby Allison said in a recent statement. “Mark and his team at Posse Films are like family to us, and I know we can trust them with our story.”

Posse Films Chairman Mark Sutcliffe expressed his excitement and about the project: “It is truly an honor to tell Bobby and Judy’s story, and we are committed to telling this compelling true story that will be exciting for NASCAR fans. The further gifts of this story are Bobby and Judy’s lifelong love story and their continued faith through life’s worst kind of tragedies, which will be inspirational for moviegoers of every type,” he said. “It’s amazing how the Allison family have endured the extreme highs and lows of racing over the years, and they have done it gracefully and faithfully, which really defines inspiration.”

The Allisons’ daughter, Bonnie, said, “This film will allow others to witness the strength of the Allison family faith and ability to live through unbelievable pain, and that is what sustains the rest of us and shows us that life goes on and you can enjoy it.”

The movie project will be based on Bobby Allison’s rise to the top of NASCAR as a three-time Daytona 500 winner, followed by a crash that ended Bobby’s career at 50 years of age. Thereafter, Bobby and Judy suffer the loss of their two beloved racing sons. The film will showcase the highs and lows of the 55-year love story between Bobby and Judy Allison.

Judy Allison stated, “I trust Posse Films to share this story with the world and to show others that there is hope when all seems lost.”

NOTE: For information, visit PosseFilms.com

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