Transcripts: Chris Buescher, Pit Road – 5.5.24

Q. Chris, you thought that you had it. It was so incredibly close. You guys did a fantastic job all day long. What are the thoughts right now as you digest this?

CHRIS BUESCHER: I don’t know what to say right now. I haven’t seen a replay other than just a picture. I just can’t see it in that picture.

That sucks to be that close. It was a great finish for us, a really strong day. A lot of speed in this Castrol Edge Ford Mustang, and we really needed that. Needed a win more, and I thought might have had that one.

Had a lot of speed there firing off. We were really good really all day, and really proud of that. Had some good strategy to get us back up there and tried to cover what I could and gave him half a lane too much, I suppose, but good hard race right there down to the line. But yeah, just it hurts.

Q. You mentioned the speed that you had that you showed today. How important is that as we go forward, some more mile-and-a-halfs coming up and the season progresses here?

CHRIS BUESCHER: Yeah, the speed is good. Wins are better. Need to be in that situation again. Need some trophies. Need some checkered flags and put ourselves in a much better spot.