Biffle Battles Grip at Charlotte to Finish 18th in No. 16 3M Bondo Ford Fusion

Greg Biffle started Saturday evening’s race at Charlotte Motor Speedway from the 12th position in his No. 16 3M Bondo Ford Fusion.  Biffle lost ground battling grip during the 334-lap race and was the “lucky dog” recipient twice throughout the event.  Biffle ultimately crossed the finish line on the lead lap in 18th-place and remains 14thin the point standings.

Rain came Saturday afternoon, but cleared out in time for the race, but not without washing the rubber off the track.  NASCAR scheduled a competition caution for lap 25 due to the weather and the No. 16 team was happy for that.  Biffle started 12th, but quickly fell back through the field saying he had “no grip at all.”  Under the competition caution Biffle received four tires, fuel and a wedge adjustment.

The lack of grip continued throughout the race, causing Biffle to go a lap down to the field twice over long green flag runs.  The 3M team kept trying different combinations of wedge, track bar and air pressure adjustments in an effort to help Biffle with handling on the track.  Their efforts were rewarded with a lead-lap 18th-place finish for Biffle in the No. 16 3M Bondo Ford.