No. 55 Aaron's Dream Machine Dover Preview (2015 Rules Reaction)

NASCAR announced its 2015 rules package Tuesday that included:

  • Major reductions downforce and horsepower.
  • Rain tires on road courses with mandatory wipers, defogger and rear flashing rain light.
  • Elimination of all testing except for Goodyear’s full-field test sessions.

No. 55 Aaron’s Dream Machine Toyota driver Brian Vickers and his crew chief Billy Scott offered their thoughts on the changes.

BRIAN VICKERS: “Overall, I like the 2015 rules package. Reducing the downforce should make the driver a greater part of the success equation. We can debate whether NASCAR should have gone further, but it is a step in the right direction. Our racing has been good this year and I think these rules will make the racing even better for 2015 and beyond. I love the part about racing in the rain on road courses. I know we can’t do it on ovals, but there is no reason we shouldn’t be running in the rain with rain tires. I’m confident Goodyear will give us a good product. Our racing on road courses is the best in the world and can’t imagine the show we’ll put on in the rain. It might be the first time fans wake up hoping for rain in the weather forecast. There is a ton to absorb with the announcement today but I think all of the changes are in the right direction. The testing ban is the right decision. It saves the car owners some money and increases the quality of life for all the crew that don’t get a lot of time with their family.”

CREW CHIEF BILLY SCOTT ON NEW RULES: “I’m excited about the new rules package for next year. It is going to put some of the ability to improve on mechanical grip back in our hands instead of relying solely on aerodynamics. The reduced horsepower is going to help Goodyear make a good tire for us as we keep the speeds down. I like the new testing policy. It’s good for the sport. It’s going to save the owners money and it’s going to give us a little bit more time at home, so I am sure all the families in the sport will be excited about this as well.”

WILL THIS IMPROVE THE SHOW? “We tried this during the Michigan test and in the little bit of racing we did you could definitely see when the driver got into the corner a little too hot and slid up the track. This is really going to put the ability to pass back in the drivers’ hands. They will have less downforce so they will have to be more conscious of tire wear and managing that throughout a run. I think all that is good. The lack of testing will put a little more emphasis on the race weekend, but that’s the same for everybody. All organizations will now get to participate in the Goodyear tests instead of a rotation so the testing rule won’t change much of what fans see on Sundays.”


Speedway Digest Staff

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