Pit Road Penalty Hurts Gragson's Top-Five Run

Following a two-hour rain delay Wednesday night at Bristol Motor Speedway, Noah Gragson was strong early in the race, but a pit road penalty at the end of Stage Two hurt his track position, which he could never quite get back. Despite a valiant effort, he finished the race in 15th place.
Stage One Recap:
  • Gragson started his Switch Tundra fourth for the first 55-lap stage. With a great start, he jumped up to second place and remained there the entire stage. The Switch Tundra was pretty neutral, so after four tires and fuel he returned to the track in fifth for the second stage.
Stage Two Recap:
  • Gragson restarted fifth since a few trucks stayed out which had pitted before the stage ended. He said the truck was a bit free on entry. He ended the stage in sixth place and pitted for four tires, fuel and a chassis adjustment. He was fifth out of the pits, but a pit road penalty for a crew member over the wall too soon sent him to the tail end of the lead lap trucks.
Stage Three Recap:
  • After the penalty, Gragson restarted 19th for the final 90-lap stage. With 20 to go he was still back in 16th and struggled to gain track position. A final caution with a handful of laps would send the race into overtime. Crew chief Marcus Richmond called Gragson to pit road for left-side tires. With a green-white-checker restart, Gragson gained one position in the closing laps to finish 15th.


Speedway Digest Staff

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