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A Big Thank You From Mike Mittler

Monday, Jul 27 1781
This past Wednesday night at Eldora Speedway will always be a special night for me and our team.  I have said for many years a top 10 is a win for us and we got two wins; we won the pole and won the first heat race, which put us on the pole for the start!

It was a great job by Bobby Pierce all day to be up on the wheel and living up to his nickname, "The Smooth Operator". Justin Jennings and Tyler Tanner worked hard to prepare truck with Rick Ren and Trip Bruce delivering a set up that delivered a nearly perfect truck. We never changed a spring or shock at the track and, as a matter of fact, we only made a slight toe in change- no other adjustments. Many people moved their jobs around at the track due to being a little short handed and nothing was missed.

I just can't say enough to everyone here and everywhere THANK YOU for all the support whether a pat on the back or all the long days and late nights many have given to allow this to happen, it is very special!  I have received many very nice calls from friends and supporters with many saying they thought this was the best race ever!  I have gotten text messages from phone numbers that I don't even know and they have all been congratulatory.

Please know that I understand that none of this would be possible without everyone who is a part of the team!  Also please know that every time my name is called out in public, each of yours is also called out by all your support.

I end, as always, saying thanks for all to those who allow us to race at this level!

Mike Mittler
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