K-LOVE to Serve as Primary Sponsor for Michael McDowell at Virtual Talladega

“It feels good to be back iRacing for this Sunday’s Pro Invitational Series race at virtual Talladega Superspeedway and to be able to help provide some entertainment for the millions of NASCAR fans around the world during this time of continued uncertainty.
“I’m really excited to have my longtime partner, K-LOVE back on board the No. 34 Ford Mustang. Especially in a time like right now, when we’re all in this together, experiencing quarantine and the Coronavirus. K-LOVE is all about spreading hope through their positive and encouraging messages and right now, that’s what people need. People need hope, because people are scared and uncertain of what the future holds, but just knowing that God holds the future and that nothing slides by Him helps. With K-LOVE’s messages of encouragement and hope, it allows you to navigate through those tough times that we’re all facing right now.
“This weekend’s race at virtual Talladega will be crazy. It is hard enough to not run into each other on tracks without drafting, so I really hope that we have a lot of resets.”