Berry’s Bullets to Partner with John Hunter Nemechek for Talladega iRacing Event. Nemechek Talks Benefits of iRacing

“I think we all knew when we started the Pro Invitational Series, this was going to be a series that was meant to fill the gap that we currently have while we’re not on the real track. But, at the same time, if you take a group of highly competitive people and put them on a national stage like FOX, it’s going to get serious. And, we’re racing for our partners, too. We may not be getting paid, but there is pride.
“I think it’s been good. A really good thing, because it keeps us and fans involved. We have to practice, we do media interviews, we do videos for our partners. It’s as close to a race week as we have right now. It keeps you focused, even if it’s not the real car. I think it has its benefits that sometimes you don’t think about.
“We have Berry’s Bullets on the No. 38 this weekend. We’re fortunate to have different partners of our program, and they all understand that this iRacing platform is giving fans some entertainment right now. They have wanted to be a part of this and it’s been fun to see the cars on FOX.”