Shasta Speedway under new management, Joins ASA member track program

ASA Racing is proud to welcome Shasta Speedway in Anderson, CA as part of their ASA Member Track program.  The 3/8-mile asphalt track in Anderson, CA will also be racing under new management for the 2012 season. 

A three-person team recently received the management rights from the Shasta District Fairgrounds and the 27th District Agricultural Association to operate the track located on the fairgrounds.

The team consists of Adam Nelson, George Wade and Seth Sands.  All are coming in with well-versed short track operational experience that will recharge Shasta Speedway’s direction towards a consistent entertainment experience for both fans and racers.  All three understand that there has to be an entertainment value included to excite the fan base, and that fair and impartial officiating must be employed to satisfy the competitors. Both the competitors and fans want to see healthy and heated competition on the track.

“The three of us have grown up around short track racing, we’ve raced cars, we’ve worked in the concessions, we’ve sold and mounted tires, we’ve written rule books (good and bad ones), we’ve planned schedules, we’ve scored races (by hand and with a computer), we’ve picked up the trash after a weekly race, and we’ve cleaned up the carnage of a boat race. We all feel well rounded, and we see a great opportunity to share that with the folks at Shasta Speedway,” Adam Nelson, one of the partners said.  “The three of us know that Anderson, California has a storied history of successful events and a roster of talented racecar drivers (past and present).  Shasta Speedway has proven to be a great place for short track racing but recent attendance figures had left the facility without an operator.”

“I am really excited to be working with Adam and Seth,” George Wade said.  “The three of us have worked together successfully with WARPA (Western Auto Racing Promoters Association) and I feel with our ideas and background, we can make Shasta Speedway a successful and entertaining short track in Northern California.”

“Our major goal is to get the track open at the end of March and work on getting a consistent car count for the local divisions,” Nelson continued to say.  “We need racecars on the track to put on a show.”  To help expedite an influx in drivers the group feels they have to take some risks to make competing on a Saturday night more affordable.  A big cut in pit pass pricing was the first change planned.   Front gate pricing at Shasta Speedway was already at an industry low, so step two was to change the age of the admission for kids to FREE for those 12 and under.  The goal of restoring a great short track racing atmosphere can only be reached if everyone gets re-excited about Shasta Speedway and digging deep into your pockets is never exciting.

Nelson did say that they are looking at a lean schedule for 2012.  Instead of 20-24 events as has been the norm in the past; they will present an 11-13 race schedule, another economical adjustment that should allow the competitors to enter every event at Shasta.  “We are going to use a simple short track format and focus on quality not quantity.” Nelson said.

The ASA Modified division at Shasta Speedway will be competing for the prestigious ASA Member Track National Championship in 2012. 

Nelson, who also promotes Meridian Speedway, an ASA Member Track in Meridian, ID, is pleased to bring the ASA Member Track program to Shasta Speedway.  “ ASA brings the added security of a national sanctioning body to Shasta Speedway.  As a partner, ASA will be a big help in making sure that the state of Saturday night short track racing in Anderson is trending up once again.”

“Our group is looking forward to this challenge,” Nelson said.  “Personally, I am optimistic that we can have some favorable results by the end of this year.  The ‘keep it simple’ approach always seems to work in the long run.”

With the management group putting the hard work on their shoulders, they have asked the competitors for their help by bringing a positive attitude to the pits and providing good sportsmanship on the track.  Together, everyone can help build the attendance back to where it has been in the past.

All three are busy meeting with competitors to solidify the rules, finalizing a schedule, and sponsorship proposals.

“We are excited to welcome everyone at Shasta Speedway to the ASA Racing family,” Dennis Huth, ASA President said.  “Adam, George and Seth are long time friends to ASA Racing and we are eager to work with them in making Shasta Speedway a successful short track in Northern California.  We wish everyone there a successful 2012 season.”

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