Tifft to Pursue ASA Midwest Tour Rookie of the Year Title

15-year-old up-and-coming stock car racer from Hinckley, Ohio – announced today that he will pursue the 2012 Rookie of the Year title awarded by the ASA Midwest Tour (ASAMT). Matt's pursuit of the ASAMT's coveted top rookie honor will prepare him well for his racing future. If Matt wins the title, he'll be in good company. The past two winners are Skylar Holzhausen and Ross Kenseth – son of 2003 NASCAR Champion and 2009 Daytona 500 winner Matt Kenseth. The 2012 Rookie of the Year will be eligible to receive awards valued near $30,000 – the most in the title's history.

“I know the Midwest Tour is a great series and a tough challenge for me, but I think my wins and other results so far will help me chase Rookie of the Year. I look forward to racing with such an experienced team and I'm excited to learn new tracks and meet new people – and go faster!“, commented Tifft with an excited smile. Matt ran four ASAMT races in 2011 and is therefor still classified as a rookie. His best finish was 9th.

Matt will race a Super Late Model stock car prepared by Iron Eagle Racing and Tim Schendel [SHEN-dəl]. Schendel has been mentoring Matt and preparing his cars since 2010 and has watched Matt grow to be ready to meet the challenges of 2012. “Matt learns quickly and he drives smart. He rarely has 'rookie moments' and that's going to be important to win Rookie of the Year.

He can do it.“, said Schendel. In NASCAR-sanctioned competition, Iron Eagle has produced one Rookie of the Year award, seven top ten championship rankings and one championship title.

ASAMT Vice President Steve Einhaus welcomed today's announcement by adding, "Matt is a pleasant surprise to all of us on the tour. It's really tough to come into the series last year as young as he is and make every show. That's impressive. He's got natural talent and he's got a very good head on his shoulders. That will make him very successful. He'll be a top contender for sure in what we expect to be our largest rookie field ever.“

Fans and sponsors can follow Matt's 2012 season at Matt Tifft Racing.com – where they can also link to Matt's Facebook, YouTube and Twitter updates.

Iron Eagle Racing PR