Stenhouse Dover Wreck Q&A


Stenhouse Dover Wreck Q&A

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Saturday, 02 June 2012 14:49
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Stenhouse Dover Wreck Q&A Getty Images

RICKY STENHOUSE JR., No. 6 Cargill Beef Ford Mustang (INVOLVED IN WRECK ON LAP 27)

WHAT HAPPENED?  “I just lost it. I wasn’t up on the wheel and just kind of riding around until that competition caution and just got behind on the steering. It was driver error, totally my fault. We will have to go back, take a weekend off and get ‘em at Michigan.” 


HOW EASY IS IT FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT TO HAPPEN HERE? “It is pretty easy actually. Dover is a place you have to attack but you have to respect it. You always have to be up on the wheel and I think I got too relaxed just riding around logging laps. It was just driver error.” 


HOW DO YOU BOUNCE BACK FROM THE LAST TWO WEEKS?  “It isn’t the two weeks we want. We had a part failure last week and this week is my doing. You will have races like these. You aren’t going to have perfect races every week but we will bounce back from this.”

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