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NASCAR Cup Series -- Race No. 19 – 260 laps / 400 miles

Atlanta Motor Speedway (1.54-mile oval) – Hampton, Ga.

Fast Facts for July 9-10, 2022

Tire: Goodyear Eagle 18-inch Superspeedway Radials

Set limits: Cup: 1 set for qualifying and 8 sets for the race

     (7 race sets plus 1 set transferred from qualifying)

Tire Codes: Left-side -- D-5146; Right-side -- D-5158

Tire Circumference: Left-side -- 2,254 mm (88.74 in.); Right-side -- 2,279 mm (89.72 in.)

Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front -- 20 psi; Left Rear -- 22 psi;

     Right Front -- 52 psi; Right Rear -- 50 psi

Storyline – Atlanta now in the superspeedway group for Cup cars: Atlanta Motor Speedway is the first track that NASCAR Cup teams will return to after an earlier race in 2022.  And while this is the second time around, it is worth a reminder that the mile-and-a-half Atlanta was repaved and reconfigured over the last off-season and is now in the superspeedway class of tracks along with Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway when it comes to the racing package.  That means Cup teams will race under the superspeedway package of 510 horsepower and a seven-inch-tall spoiler, as opposed to 670 horsepower and a four-inch blade at other intermediate tracks.

     One other factor that will come into play -- as with any repave – is that the new asphalt of will have a high level of grip on a relatively “smooth” track surface, and that will lead to an increased level of heat in the tires.  Managing those temperature levels will be important, and Goodyear engineered the Atlanta tire set-up in anticipation of low tire wear on the new surface by having less gage (thickness) in the tread in order to dissipate some of that heat.

     “The one advantage we have in the Cup Series at Atlanta this week is that these teams already have a race under their belts at this track with this package,” said Greg Stucker, Goodyear’s director of racing.  “Having said that, that also means that teams have had four months to learn this car, study this package and improve their cars.  The challenges that Atlanta now present have not changed since the last race in March, and along with the repave and increase in banking, the smooth track surface will not naturally wear tires much at all.  Tire wear and the dissipation of heat is important in racing because as the tire wears, it sheds rubber and that helps keep the tire cooler and performing at a more optimal level.  We’ve specifically designed our tires for Atlanta to operate in these low-wear conditions, both with the formulation of the tread compounds as well as the tread depth.”

Notes – Cup teams return to Atlanta on March tire set-up: Having moved to an 18-inch bead diameter tire for 2022, NASCAR Cup teams will run a different tire set-up than those in the Xfinity Series at Atlanta this week . . . these two tire codes debuted at Atlanta in March . . . this is the only track at which these teams are scheduled to run either of these two codes . . .  to prepare for 2022 ad the move to the 18-inch tire, Goodyear held a tire test at Atlanta on January 5-6 with Kurt Busch, Chris Buescher and Ross Chastain . . . with this 18-inch tire, and its lower profile sidewall, NASCAR Cup cars will not run inner liners in any of their tires in 2022.

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NASCAR Xfinity Series -- Race No. 17 – 163 laps / 251 miles

Atlanta Motor Speedway (1.54-mile oval) – Hampton, Ga.

Fast Facts for July 8-9, 2022

Tire: Goodyear Eagle 15-inch Speedway Radials

Set limits: Xfinity: 5 sets for the event

Tire Codes: Left-side -- D-6124; Right-side -- D-6126

Tire Circumference: Left-side -- 2,225 mm (87.60 in.); Right-side -- 2,250 mm (88.58 in.)

Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front -- 19 psi; Left Rear -- 19 psi;

     Right Front -- 52 psi; Right Rear -- 48 psi

Notes – Second Atlanta race on this tire set-up for Xfinity cars: Being on 15-inch bead diameter tires, NASCAR Xfinity Series teams will run a different tire set-up than those in the Cup Series at Atlanta this weekend . . . this is the same tire set-up these teams ran at Atlanta in March . . . in addition to that race, Goodyear held a tire test for Xfinity cars at Atlanta on January 4 (Justin Allgaier, Ty Gibbs and Riley Herbst) . . . as on all NASCAR ovals greater than one mile in length, Xfinity teams are required to run liners in all four tire positions at Atlanta . . . air pressure in those inner liners should be 12-25 psi greater than that of the outer tire.

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series – Race No. 15 – 67 laps / 151.29 miles

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (2.258-mile road course) – Lexington, Ohio

Fast Facts for June 8-9, 2022

Tire: Goodyear Eagle 15-inch Road Course Radials

Set limits: 5 sets for the event

Tire Code: D-6122 (same on all four tire positions)

Tire Circumference: 2,240 mm (88.19 in.)

Minimum Recommended Inflation: Left Front -- 22 psi; Right Front -- 20 psi;

     Left Rear -- 17 psi; Right Rear -- 17 psi

Notes – Truck Series debuts at Mid-Ohio on COTA/Sonoma tire: This is the first race at Mid-Ohio for NASCAR Camping World Truck Series teams after the Xfinity Series raced there for the past eight seasons . . . as on all NASCAR road courses, Truck teams will run the same tire on all four tire positions at Mid-Ohio . . . these teams have already run this tire at both COTA and Sonoma earlier this season . . . as on all NASCAR road courses, teams will not run inner liners in their tires at Mid-Ohio.

Wet Weather Tires – White-lettered tires on hand: Goodyear will bring its wet weather radials for use by Truck Series teams at Mid-Ohio, should NASCAR decide that conditions warrant . . . Truck will have 4 sets of wets available for their event, with a maximum of 3 sets for the race . . . Truck teams last ran in the wet at COTA in 2021 . . . in addition to the obvious difference of a tread pattern versus Goodyear’s dry weather “slick” tires, the “Goodyear” and “Eagle” lettering on the sidewalls of the wet weather tires is white, not the standard yellow.

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The last time Michael McDowell and Like Wyatt partnered, they finished off the longest race of the season with a top-10 finish at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This weekend at the Atlanta Motor Speedway,, Brave Like Wyatt, McDowell and the No. 34 team are hoping to do even better.

McDowell is currently in the midst of a career year. He is heading to the new Atlanta configuration with seven top-10 and one third-place finish. Heading back to Atlanta, McDowell is optimistic about a good run with and Brave Like Wyatt on board.

"We ran well at the old Atlanta configuration and were running decent earlier in the season with the new one,” said McDowell. “Despite a finish that was not to our liking, we really learned a lot about how the track and the conditions changed as the race went on. It will be interesting to see what the track gives us this weekend, given the much warmer weather.”

Although no extra motivation is needed, McDowell always wants to run well at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for his partner and friends at

"Atlanta is Marcus’s home race, and with him being the owner of Fr8 Auctions as well as many other employees being at the race track this weekend, we want to have a great result for everyone. He is an amazing partner to us, and I am proud to be able to support and Brave Like Wyatt this weekend.”

McDowell and his Ford Mustang will race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway this Sunday, July 10th, at 3:00 p.m. ET on USA.


When NASCAR returns to the ATL this weekend, Speedway Children’s Charities Atlanta will be there raising money to benefit children’s causes in metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia.

As always, SCC Atlanta has fun activities planned to entertain fans while earning donations to help local kids in need during the Quaker State 400 Presented by Walmart weekend:

Laps for Charity Presented by 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday, July 8

Fans can take the first laps of race weekend on Atlanta’s 1.54-mile oval on Friday night during Laps for Charity.

With a $60 donation to Speedway Children’s Charities Atlanta, participants will be able to drive three laps on the 28-degree high banks behind the Atlanta Motor Speedway pace car.

SCC Track Walk Kicked off by Chris Buescher: 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 10

Participants will start the race day with Chris Buescher, driver of the No. 17 Ford Mustang for RFK Racing, as he kicks off a walk on the all-new Atlanta Motor Speedway Sunday morning.   

Tickets for adults are $25 and children 12 and under are free with a paid adult.

Yoga in the Park: 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 10

Stretch out your muscles, clear your mind, and get ready for an exciting day of racing during Yoga in the Park. The session will be led by certified yoga instructor Daniella Huang in Bruton Smith Park.

Tickets are $25 per adult and children 12 and under are free with a paid adult.

On top of these fun activities, SCC Atlanta’s Red Bucket Brigade volunteers will be around the track all weekend collecting donations to help local children. SCC Atlanta’s 50/50 raffle also returns this weekend, with half the proceeds going to SCC Atlanta and the other half going to a lucky fan.

To find more information and register for these events, fans can visit Tickets and camping accommodations for the Quaker State 400 Presented by Walmart weekend are available online at


NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in America. Each year, millions of people tune in to watch the races on television, and many more attend local races as spectators. If you're an avid car fan who has been itching to get closer to the action, your dream could come true soon with your first NASCAR race ticket! Whether this will be your first time attending a race or you've been searching for an opportunity to see them in person, reading this article beforehand will help ease you into the world of NASCAR. Here we'll cover everything you need to know about attending a NASCAR race before you head to your first race.


Get To The Track Early

This is one of the most important tips we have. No matter what kind of ticket you have, you should get to the track early if possible. Fans who arrive early will have more time to explore the track, get autographs from drivers, and walk the pit road. The earlier you arrive at the track, the better chance you have of getting what you want to do done before the race starts. Depending on the type of ticket you have, there may be some events that you would not be able to take part in if you arrive too late.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

You'll spend a majority of your time walking around the track, exploring the garage area, and standing in line waiting to get autographs. All of these activities require you to be on your feet for long periods of time, so make sure you've got comfortable shoes on your feet.


Consider Staying For The Weekend

If you're heading to a NASCAR race, you'll likely want to make it a weekend trip. If you're only going to the race, you'll be missing out on a lot. Many race tracks provide plenty of entertainment, such as concerts and other races. If you're going to one of the larger tracks, you'll be able to enjoy more than one race. If you're going with a group of people, you'll have plenty to do if you stay for the weekend. You'll be able to attend more NASCAR events, and you'll have more time to explore the area.


Play Games During Your Downtime

While waiting in line to get autographs, waiting for a show to start, or standing around during a pit stop, you can kill time by playing mobile games. Most major NASCAR events offer free WiFi, so you can easily connect to the internet while you're there. Conveniently, many mobile games also have an offline play, so you can still have fun even if you aren't connected to the internet. When you're using free WiFi, you want to make sure the games you're playing are safe to use. Check out Online Casinos collection of safe slot websites to make sure you can enjoy your downtime without worrying about how safe a game is.


Take Advantage Of All The Other Events

NASCAR isn't just about the race itself. Many events happen before and after the big race, giving you a unique behind-the-scenes experience. Depending on the track and event, there might be concerts from famous artists, driver meet-and-greets, and fun fireworks shows. You may also be able to attend a press conference where you get to ask questions to the drivers and other important people in NASCAR.


Don't Forget Your Earplugs

NASCAR events are loud. Really loud. There are a lot of roaring engines, cheering fans, and general noise that can get really loud at times. By bringing a pair of earplugs, you can save your ears from potential damage. Earplugs are particularly useful if you're sitting near the track because it's much harder to block out the sound. 


Bring Your Own Refreshments

You may want to consider bringing your own refreshments to the track. While you can certainly purchase drinks from vendors at the track, they may be overpriced or low-quality. If you want to enjoy your drinks without a side of regret, you can pack your own refreshments. If you're going to a larger track, you may be able to find nearby grocery stores where you can buy inexpensive drinks. Alternatively, you can bring your own drinks in a cooler. If you're going to a smaller track, you may only be able to find vending machines.


Explore The Souvenir Stands

During your time at the track, you'll have the opportunity to explore the souvenir stands. These are great places to find a few souvenirs to bring home with you. You can find everything from miniature model cars and helmets to shirts and hats. Whatever you decide to purchase, it's a great way to remember your experience at the track and to show others what it's all about.


Check Out The Car Displays

Almost every track has a car display, which is a collection of cars or memorabilia on display. You might find cars that were driven by famous drivers, cars that won races, or cars that competed in certain years. You can usually find the car display in an area near the track and pit road. Depending on the track, you may have to pay a small entry fee to visit the car display.



Visiting a NASCAR race is a uniquely exciting experience. It's an opportunity to see real racing in person, see the cars up close, and experience the noise and excitement of the track. No matter what kind of ticket you have, attending a NASCAR race is a one-of-a-kind experience you won't want to miss. When you're going to your first race, be sure to get there early and wear comfortable shoes. You should also consider staying for the weekend and make sure you have your mobile with you to play games during your downtime. There are plenty of things to see and experience, so be sure to take advantage of all the events NASCAR has to offer. And don't forget to bring your earplugs.

Bloomsburg Fair Raceway has announced that the Super DIRTcar Series Modified event slated for Wednesday, July 13, has been canceled.

Raceway officials, along with those from World Racing Group, the sanctioning body of the Super DIRTcar Series, have jointly agreed that it is in the best interest of both parties to not run the planned 75-lap feature at this time, as new clay is in the process of being laid down in an ongoing effort to improve on the racing surface.

It was a mutual understanding between both parties to hold off on conducting the show as they felt the upgraded surface would not be ready in time for the said date. The PASS 305 Sprint Cars were also on the docket on that night.

On Monday and Tuesday of this past week 75 trucks loads of new clay was laid down in all four corners. Throughout the day as trucks continued to drop off clay it was then spread into place across the banking and will be worked on more so in the coming days.

This has led to a few items in regards to the July 13 race. The timing of getting the new clay was part of the setback with logistics of the trucks hauling in the product and other dates in-between at the facility have all been taken into consideration.

There is presently additional shows underway at the Fairgrounds and, that along with having the surface in the best possible condition for racing, it was best felt to hold off on the Super DIRTcar show while the track is in the process of being refined.   

At this time there is no make-up date in place.

The Super DIRTcar Series will still make its long-awaited return to Pennsylvania at Big Diamond Speedway in Minersville on Tuesday, July 12 and if needed the Wednesday July 13 will be used as a rain date. 

The next event for Bloomsburg Fair Raceway will be on Friday, August 5 with Fan Appreciation Night. Grandstand general admission will be just $5 and include a four division program comprised of the USAC East Coast Sprints, ARDC Midgets, Winged 305 Sprints and the FWD 4-Cylinder Stocks.

For up to date news please visit the track’s website at, on Facebook at, Twitter at and Instagram at

Bloomsburg Fair PR

A wild and chaotic day at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course wasn’t enough to stop Scott McLaughlin, who scored his second NTT INDYCAR SERIES win of the season Sunday in The Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio Presented by the All-New 2023 Civic Type R.

Driving the No. 3 Odyssey Battery Team Penske Chevrolet, McLaughlin held off reigning NTT INDYCAR SERIES champion Alex Palou in the No. 10 NTT DATA Chip Ganassi Racing Honda over the final 17 laps, beating him to the finish line by 0.5512 seconds.

CLICK IT: Race Results

It was the second time this season these two drivers have finished in that order – they also did so in the season-opening race in St. Petersburg, Florida when McLaughlin won his first series race.

“This is amazing,” McLaughlin said. “I’m really proud of the (Team Penske crew). The car they gave me was a little hard to drive toward the end. I would love to make it a little bit easier for myself, but I’m super proud of them.

“You’re thinking about fuel (at the end of the race), but thankfully Chevy gave us great fuel mileage and drivability off the restarts that allowed me to get a bit of a gap from Palou.”

2014 NTT INDYCAR SERIES champion Will Power rallied from the 21st starting spot and a Lap 1 spin in Turn 9 to finish third for his fourth podium finish of the season in the No. 12 Verizon Team Penske Chevrolet.

Ed Carpenter Racing’s Rinus VeeKay finished fourth in the No. 21 Bitcoin Racing Team with BitNile Chevrolet, and six-time Mid-Ohio race winner Scott Dixon rounded out the top five in the No. 9 PNC Bank Chip Ganassi Racing Honda.

The 80-lap race was treacherous compared to past NTT INDYCAR SERIES races at the track. There were six cautions for 17 laps, more than the previous five Mid-Ohio NTT INDYCAR SERIES races combined. The 2021 race and Race 2 of the 2020 doubleheader each featured two stoppages, while Race 1 of the 2020 doubleheader and the events in 2019 and 2018 did not have any.

The first caution came on Lap 1 for a waved-off start, and the second on Lap 10 was for a mechanical failure on the No. 7 Vuse Arrow McLaren SP Chevrolet of Felix Rosenqvist, who was running third when his car started hitting the rev limiter in Turn 2 and then billowed smoke.

It was an ominous sign for NTT P1 Award winner Pato O’Ward, who led the first 28 laps in the No. 5 Arrow McLaren SP Chevrolet. However, on Lap 30, O’Ward began reporting power issues on his car.

By Lap 54, O’Ward’s car had completely lost power as it stalled at the end of pit lane. His Arrow McLaren SP team pushed the car back to the pit box, where O’Ward exited and ended the streak of Mid-Ohio polesitters winning the race at three.

This allowed McLaughlin, who started second next to O’Ward, to inherit the lead during a round of green flag pit stop cycles on Lap 31. During the stops, rookie Kyle Kirkwood went off track in Turn 9 in the No. 14 Sexton Properties Chevrolet of AJ Foyt Racing.

The yellow flag flew just as green-flag pit stops cycled through, which put McLaughlin at the point. The second-year series driver was in full control of the race on the 13-turn, 2.258-mile permanent road course thereafter.

McLaughlin led 45 of the final 52 laps. Colton Herta led seven laps after not pitting under caution on Lap 53 while the rest of the leaders pitted. McLaughlin got the lead back on Lap 60 and never looked back, keeping Palou in his mirror through a series of cautions and restarts.

Palou, a Spaniard, was never more than second behind New Zealand native McLaughlin, and the final caution on Lap 59 for contact between Romain Grosjean’s No. 28 ForeverLawn/DHL Honda and Alexander Rossi’s No. 27 NAPA AUTO PARTS/AutoNation Honda gave him one last chance to try to capture his first win of 2022.

“Man, it was so close,” said Palou, who started seventh. “Our No. 10 NTT DATA car was fast. We just missed it by ‘this much’ again today, but I’m super proud. I don’t think I was good enough to pass (McLaughlin). I wish I would have gone for it, but I did not see that it was clear to do it.”

McLaughlin’s third podium of the season and Palou’s fourth allowed them to close in on the NTT INDYCAR SERIES championship. Marcus Ericsson held his points lead with a sixth-place finish in the No. 8 Ridgeline Lubricants Honda, but he is now just 20 points ahead of Power. Josef Newgarden is third, 34 points back.

Palou rose to fourth in the standings, just 35 points back. McLaughlin jumped two positions to seventh in the standings, 69 points back of Ericsson, the winner of the Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge.

While McLaughlin’s surge in the championship standings will be beneficial down the road, the three-time Australian V8 Supercars champion was basking in the glory of scoring his first NTT INDYCAR SERIES win with his parents, Wayne and Diane, in attendance. The couple came to the United States in May for the “500” and reunited with their son for the first time in two and a half years. This was the first race they’ve seen him win in this series.

“Oh, I really wanted to get a win here with mom and dad for the first time,” McLaughlin said. “To have mom and dad here on America’s weekend is awesome.”

The NTT INDYCAR SERIES takes a week off before heading to Toronto for the first time in three years due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Honda Indy Toronto will take place Sunday, July 17 at 3 p.m. (ET), live on Peacock Premium and the INDYCAR Radio Network.

NTT IndyCar Series PR

Jason Feger’s third week on the 2022 DIRTcar Summer Nationals trail had seen its struggles.


First, a cut tire while leading his Heat at Fayette County forced him to come from the tail of the Feature to finish eighth on Thursday. Then, another cut tire while running up front in the Feature at Paducah on Friday set him back again.


With 10 laps remaining Sunday night at Lincoln Speedway and leader Bobby Pierce getting away in traffic, it looked as though he’d have to wait yet another day.


And then, caution.


A slow car on the backstretch brought out the yellow, restacking a spread-out field in traffic that had been under green-flag conditions since the beginning. Feger now sat third in line behind only Ryan Unzicker and Pierce; Brian Shirley and Shannon Babb behind him.


The green dropped and Feger jumped to the high side, making the move around Unzicker for second and getting a good run on Pierce for the lead as they headed toward the stripe to complete Lap 33.


Feger got such a bite off the top in Turn 4 that he slipped right inside a closing gap between Pierce and Unzicker to his inside; three-wide they crossed the line with Feger only inches ahead. Then, a slide job from Feger to seal the pass into Turn 1, Pierce way up top and Unzicker rolling the bottom.


“I didn’t know what happened,” said Feger, of Bloomington, IL, describing his view from the cockpit of the madness unfolding. “I went into Turn 1 and slid Bobby and came out with the lead. I was thinking I was gonna get crossed-over.”


Feger drag-raced Unzicker into Turn 3 and had the advantage by corner exit. But behind him, Pierce was hot on the case, and made contact with Unzicker at the apex of the corner, sending him around and bringing out the yellow again.


“I heard the yellow come out and thought ‘Oh no, Bobby’s gonna get the lead back,’” Feger said. “I’m like, ‘Shoot, I’m definitely not going to win now.’ I guess lucky for me, it was [Pierce and Unzicker] that got into it. I don’t know what happened, I guess it was just a hard racing deal it sounded like to me.”


Under yellow, Unzicker and Pierce were determined to be part of the caution and were both sent to the rear of the field for the restart. This handed the lead over to Feger with seven laps left and four-time Hell Tour champion Babb right behind him.


The field went back to green, and the battle was on for the lead; Feger hustling the high side and Babb looking to make the pass down low. With the white flag in the air, Babb got a great bite off Turn 2 and briefly nosed ahead into the lead. But Feger’s momentum up top pulled through and defended against Babb’s last-ditch effort in Turn 4 to hang on and score his first Summer Nationals victory of the season.


“Shannon raced me clean there at the end, and I thought he had a chance to throw a slider on me and he didn’t do it,” Feger said.


Finally, Feger’s luck had turned around. He finished off what had been a trying week with a $5,000 check in the air and a grandstand packed full of fans cheering as he celebrated in Victory Lane for the 22nd time in his Summer Nationals career.


“It just feels good to finally get the monkey off our back,” Feger said. “We’ve been really fast the whole tour, and I feel like we’ve had a car capable to win every night, but just had some back luck and haven’t been in a position to get it done.”




The Summer Nationals takes the next three days off and resumes Thursday, July 7, at Macon Speedway for the 42nd running of the Herald & Review 100. If you can’t be at the track, watch every lap live on DIRTVision.


ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)


Feature 40 Laps | 00:17:22.994

1. 25-Jason Feger[4]; 2. 18-Shannon Babb[3]; 3. 3S-Brian Shirley[2]; 4. 21-Billy Moyer Jr[6]; 5. 38J-Jake Little[7]; 6. T6- Tommy Sheppard Jr[11]; 7. 24-Ryan Unzicker[9]; 8. 32-Bobby Pierce[1]; 9. F1-Payton Freeman[5]; 10. 14G-Joe Godsey[8]; 11. 31AUS-Paul Stubber[10]; 12. 21B-Rich Bell[14]; 13. 4D-Doug Tye[13]; 14. 26M-Brent McKinnon[12]; 15. 30-Mark Voigt[15]; 16. 23NZ-Mick Quin[17]; 17. B15-Bob Sidener[20]; 18. T22-Tegan Evans[19]; 19. 38-Thomas Hunziker[18]; 20. 14R-Jeff Roth[16]


ZERO-TO-HERO: Hoffman Rallies from 20th in 17 Laps to Win at Lincoln


Twenty-five laps around a quarter-mile oval. Nineteen cars ahead of him. This was Nick Hoffman’s greatest mountain to climb so far this season, and yet, he still conquered it.


The four-time and defending DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals champion passed every car on the racetrack in 17 of the 25 Feature laps Sunday night to score a dramatic 10th tour victory of the season.


It was his plan to still try for the win, and he knew he had it in him rolling to the track for the Feature.


“As long as cautions fell my way in a couple situations,” Hoffman said. “And they did.”


Hoffman was forced to start the Feature from 20th, nearly dead-last on the grid, after colliding with Ray Bollinger in his Heat Race and taking his NOS Energy Drink/Elite Chassis #2 back to the pits with nose damage.


Five laps into the Feature, he was already up to 10th. Ten laps in, he had just taken fifth. Hoffman was putting on a clinic, passing cars every which way.


“At that point, you’re just weaving in-and-out, really,” Hoffman said. “You almost look like a weapon out there because you’re just left-and-right, and you don’t really know which way you’re going. Whatever lane’s clear.”


Two laps later, Hoffman was staring the rear bumper of leader Mike McKinney, almost two full seconds ahead in traffic. But that didn’t worry the Mooresville, NC-native, still with half of the race to be run.


Hoffman reeled-in McKinney in five laps, made the pass on the outside and drove off with his 67th career Summit Modified victory – arguably one of the most improbable and hard-fought of his career.


“The bottom was so fast and throwing wet crumbs out to the middle, it made the middle actually come-in,” Hoffman said of his lane choice. “There weren’t a whole lot of guys out there running in it, so I felt like I had an open lane of traction, really. So, I was able to charge the corner so hard, where those other guys had to slow down to really hit it right.”




The Summit Modifieds take the next three days off and resume action Thursday, July 7, at Macon Speedway as part of the 42nd running of the Herald & Review 100. If you can’t be at the track, watch every lap live on DIRTVision.


ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)


Feature 25 Laps | 00:14:43.177

1. 2-Nick Hoffman[20]; 2. 96M-Mike McKinney[2]; 3. 10K-Kelly Kovski[6]; 4. 43-Jared Thomas[7]; 5. 777-Trevor Neville[10]; 6. 77-Ray Bollinger[8]; 7. 35-Brandon Roberts[12]; 8. 1A-Steve Meyer Jr[15]; 9. 8-Kyle Steffens[1]; 10. 9-Ken Schrader[13]; 11. 0-Tim Hancock Sr[5]; 12. 64-Dawson Cook[11]; 13. 28-Rodney Standerfer[14]; 14. 34T-Tanner Reed[17]; 15. 21T- Talen Beard[16]; 16. 72A-Austin Lynn[3]; 17. 35D-Tom Davidson[21]; 18. 21-Lyndon Whitfill[4]; 19. 66-Audrey Gerberding[18]; 20. 11D-Brian Diveley[9]; 21. 14-Brian Lynn[19]

DIRTcar Series PR

Grandview Speedway is preparing to host another NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Racing Series program this Saturday night, all part of the 60th anniversary season of racing competition.

Following a weather postponement last Saturday, July 2, this Saturday, July 9 will see the same program that was scheduled for last weekend, as the T.P. Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman will be competing in the 52nd annual Firecracker 40 championship race starting at 7:30 pm. The program will also include the T.P. Trailer NASCAR Modifieds plus qualifying events leading to the 40-lap T.P. Truck Equipment Sportsman championship paying $2000 to win and the 30-lap T.P. Trailer Modified feature.

Pit gates will open at 4 pm. with grandstand gates opening at 5:30 pm. and warm-ups starting at 6:30 pm. Adult grandstand admission is $22, while children ages 6-11 are $10, and children ages 5 and under are admitted free of charge.

The weekend of racing action will begin on Friday, July 8, as the Outlaw Racing Series Enduro and Outlaw Racing Series Vintage competitors will be holding a double-header program starting at 7 pm. Grandstand admission for this event is $10.

The T.P. Truck Equipment Sportsman competitors will be running in the 52nd annual Firecracker 40, however, it was run for the Late Model division from the inception of the race in 1971 until the Late Model class was discontinued after the 2018 season.

During the last three seasons the race has been run for the T.P. Truck Equipment Sportsman division, the winning drivers have been Brad Brightbill in 2019, Brad Arnold in 2020, and Brian Hirthler took the win last year in 2021.

Point leader Dylan Hoch will be a top contender to score a win in the Championship event on Saturday, as he is one of the eight different feature winners so far this season. Other drivers who have reached victory lane have been Jordan Henn, Parker Guldin, Lex Shive, Cody Manmiller, Kenny Bock, Decker Swinehart, and the only two-time winner Brian HIrthler.

The T.P. Truck Equipment Sportsman top ten-points standings are 1. Dylan Hoch -1729, 2. Brian Hirthler – 1691, 3. Kyle Smith – 1668, 4. Jimmy Leiby – 1478, 5. Cole Stangle – 1157, 6. Dakota Kohler – 1063, 7. Mike Schneck Jr. – 1033, 8. Parker Guldin – 1003, 9. Decker Swinehart – 891, 10. Cody Manmiller – 881.

The T.P. Trailer Modifieds saw Brett Kressley pick up his third feature win of the season in the last Saturday night event to be held and followed that win with a Tuesday night triumph in the Thunder on the Hill program in conjunction with the PA 410 Sprint Speedweek program. Kressley will continue as the T.P. Trailer Modified point leader entering this Saturday’s program.

The other winners this season have been Craig Von Dohren, who has four Saturday night point race wins, two Thunder on the Hill wins, plus a win in the season opening VP Fuels Bruce Rogers Memorial Big Block/Small Block Modified event, and Doug Manmiller, who so far has been the only driver to break the Von Dohren/Kressley hold on Victory Lane.

The current T.P. Trailer Modified top ten-point standings are 1. Brett Kressley – 2319, 2. Craig Von Dohren – 2270, 3. Doug Manmiller – 2227, 4. Tim Buckwalter – 2099, 5. Duane Hioward – 2028, 6. Jeff Strunk – 1877, 7. Mike Lisowski – 1304, 8. Cory Merkel – 1291, 9. Jared Umbenhauer – 1261, 10. Craig Whitmoyer – 1154.

On Saturday, the Low Down and Dirty meet and greet will feature Modified drivers Bobby Gunther-Walsh and Dan Waisempacher along with Sportsman drivers Kenny Bock and Mike Schneck Jr. starting at 5 pm.

The following Saturday, July 16 will see a three-division show featuring the T.P. Trailer Modifieds, T.P. Truck Equipment Sportsman, plus the only appearance of the United Racing Club 360 Sprint Cars starting at 7:30 pm.

The night of racing will be known as Do It in the Dirt Night featuring Bob Hilbert Sportswear as the race night sponsor.

It all started with a one-color tee shirt called “Do It in the Dirt” at Grandview Speedway 50 years ago. That was the start of what we now know as Bob Hilbert Sportswear.

Come out and celebrate with Bob and Anne and the Bob Hilbert Sportswear Team, they would love to see all of you wear your oldest or most favorite Bob Hilbert Tee shirt!

There will be fan giveaways that night along with a 50th anniversary edition of the Do It in the Dirt tee shirt that will be on sale that evening.

Bob Hilbert Sportswear has products available to the performance and race industry along with apparel for schools, fundraising, commercial and corporations.

Bob Hilbert Sportswear can be found on the web at or you can shop the online store at for the latest products they have in stock.

Since the 1960’s, Grandview Speedway has been presenting exciting wheel to wheel NASCAR stock car racing every Saturday Night starting in April and running through September, plus special events. Grandview Speedway is located at 43 Passmore Road, Bechtelsville, Pa. 19505, just off Route 100, ten miles north of Pottstown, Pa.

Information is always available at or on Facebook, or by telephone at 610.754.7688.



Friday, July 8 – Outlaw Racing Series Enduro and Outlaw Racing Series Vintage – 7 pm

Saturday, July 9 – T.P. Trailer NASCAR Modifieds, 52nd annual FIRECRACKER 40 for T.P. Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman $2000 to win – 7:30 pm.

Saturday, July 16 – T.P. Trailer NASCAR Modifieds, T.P. Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman plus URC 360 Sprint Cars – 7:30 pm.

Saturday, July 23 – T.P. Trailer NASCAR Modifieds, T. P. Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman plus Outlaw Racing Series Vintage – 7:30 pm.

Saturday, July 30 – T.P. Trailer NASCAR Modifieds, T.P. Truck Equipment NASCAR Sportsman – 7:30 pm.

Grandview Speedway PR

Leading start to finish at WaKeeney Speedway, Zach Blurton found his way into Victory Lane with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network on Sunday night.
Pocketing $5,000 in the Western Kansas Showdown, Blurton is the 163rd driver to win with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, the eighth from the state of Kansas, and first from Quinter.
Working through several attempts at the start, the green finally waved with Blurton taking off with the lead. Slowed again after a single lap, the red lights came on after contact sent Wayne Johnson flipping violently off the top of the third turn. Wayne escaped under his own power.
Back to green with Hahn and Martin chasing, the leaders were in traffic by Lap 5 as the line began migrating to the center. Picking through the slower cars, Blurton was faced with the task of fending off Hahn a few laps later. Going pass for pass around lapped cars, Hahn edged ahead of the No. 2j for the point, but the caution would bring the field back to the last fully completed lap.
Advancing Blurton back to the lead, the No. 2j worked on hitting his marks. A final caution putting the field at six laps to run, Zach pulled away by 2.215-seconds at the finish.
Crossing second, Hahn’s three consecutive podium finishes on the weekend helped advance the defending series champion into the point’s lead by 41. Brining his run of podium finishes to four in a row, Martin now finds himself 56 points out of the lead.
A rebound night for Brandon Anderson, who suffered a DNF after leading on Friday, the No. 55b crossed fourth with Jake Bubak breathing down his neck the entire race to finish fifth.
Matt Covington made it to sixth, with Tim Crawley seventh. Having to march from the back, Garet Williamson fought back from a restart penalty to finish eighth. Equally impressive from 22nd, Landon Britt made it to ninth. South Dakota’s Ryan Bickett completed the top ten.
The field of 24 worked three SCE Gaskets Heat Races. Wins went to Zach Blurton, Brandon Anderson, and Blake Hahn. The night’s overall quick time was set by Blurton at 15.507-seconds. Provisionals were not needed.
The next event on the 2022 lineup is Friday, June 15 at U.S. 36 Raceway. The Saturday date at Arrowhead Speedway has been removed as track construction is behind schedule. A replacement venue will be announced in the next few days.
The 2022 season will mark the 31st year of competition for the American Sprint Car Series. Spearheaded by the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network, the ASCS Nation includes Regional Tours that encompass both wing and non-wing competition.
For fans not able to attend, the series can be seen live on two platforms, with on featuring National Tour events in tandem. Both are subscription-based sites. is $20 per month, billed annually at $150 per year. All Access is $39.99 per month.
For other news, notes, and information on any of the tours under the ASCS banner, log onto, follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@LucasOilASCS).
Race Results:
Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour
WaKeeney Speedway (WaKenney, Kan.)
Sunday, July 3, 2022
Car Count: 24
Event Count: 26
The Driver's Project Group Qualifying
The Drivers Project Qualifying 1 (3 Laps): 1. 2J-Zach Blurton, 15.507[4]; 2. 1B-Jake Bubak, 15.599[1]; 3. 10C-Jeremy Campbell, 15.625[2]; 4. 95-Matt Covington, 15.654[6]; 5. 1X-Tim Crawley, 15.965[5]; 6. 7C-Chris Morgan, 16.146[3]; 7. 1-Nick Haygood, 16.310[8]; 8. 10X-Lincoln Drewis, 16.735[7]
The Drivers Project Qualifying 2 (3 Laps): 1. 187-Landon Crawley, 16.409[2]; 2. 2B-Brett Becker, 16.431[7]; 3. 6-Kaden Taylor, 16.456[8]; 4. 55B-Brandon Anderson, 16.489[1]; 5. 10-Landon Britt, 16.510[5]; 6. 45X-Kyler Johnson, 16.515[6]; 7. 2-Dylan Opdahl, 16.635[3]; 8. 10K-Jordan Knight, 16.794[4]
The Drivers Project Qualifying 3 (3 Laps): 1. 36-Jason Martin, 16.070[8]; 2. 52-Blake Hahn, 16.175[2]; 3. 24-Garet Williamson, 16.242[3]; 4. 2C-Wayne Johnson, 16.391[5]; 5. 47-Brant O'Banion, 16.817[4]; 6. 17B-Ryan Bickett, 16.977[1]; 7. 10P-Dylan Postier, 16.988[7]; 8. 77B-Michael Bingham, 17.964[6]
SCE Gaskets Heat Races (Everyone advancing to the A-Feature)
SCE Gaskets Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 2J-Zach Blurton[4]; 2. 95-Matt Covington[1]; 3. 1B-Jake Bubak[3]; 4. 10C-Jeremy Campbell[2]; 5. 1X-Tim Crawley[5]; 6. 7C-Chris Morgan[6]; 7. 10X-Lincoln Drewis[8]; 8. 1-Nick Haygood[7]
SCE Gaskets Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 55B-Brandon Anderson[1]; 2. 2B-Brett Becker[3]; 3. 187-Landon Crawley[4]; 4. 45X-Kyler Johnson[6]; 5. 6-Kaden Taylor[2]; 6. 10K-Jordan Knight[7]; 7. 2-Dylan Opdahl[5]; 8. 10-Landon Britt[8]
SCE Gaskets Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 52-Blake Hahn[3]; 2. 36-Jason Martin[4]; 3. 2C-Wayne Johnson[1]; 4. 17B-Ryan Bickett[6]; 5. 47-Brant O'Banion[5]; 6. 10P-Dylan Postier[7]; 7. 24-Garet Williamson[2]; 8. 77B-Michael Bingham[8]
A-Main (25 Laps): 1. 2J-Zach Blurton[1]; 2. 52-Blake Hahn[2]; 3. 36-Jason Martin[3]; 4. 55B-Brandon Anderson[6]; 5. 1B-Jake Bubak[7]; 6. 95-Matt Covington[8]; 7. 1X-Tim Crawley[13]; 8. 24-Garet Williamson[20]; 9. 10-Landon Britt[22]; 10. 17B-Ryan Bickett[10]; 11. 7C-Chris Morgan[18]; 12. 10K-Jordan Knight[17]; 13. 10P-Dylan Postier[16]; 14. 1-Nick Haygood[24]; 15. 2-Dylan Opdahl[21]; 16. 45X-Kyler Johnson[9]; 17. 47-Brant O'Banion[14]; 18. 77B-Michael Bingham[23]; 19. 187-Landon Crawley[5]; 20. 10X-Lincoln Drewis[19]; 21. 6-Kaden Taylor[15]; 22. 10C-Jeremy Campbell[12]; 23. 2B-Brett Becker[4]; 24. 2C-Wayne Johnson[11]
Lap Leader(s): Zach Blurton 1-25
Hard Charger: Landon Britt +13
Quick Time: Zach Blurton 15.507-seconds
High Point Driver: Zach Blurton
Provisional(s): N/A
ASCS Online:
American Sprint Car Series:
Twitter: [@lucasoilascs]
Instagram: LucasOilASCS
Broadcast: on
Live-Scoring [Where Applicable]: MRP Live
2022 Race Winners: Wayne Johnson – 3 (3/18 – Devil's Bowl Speedway; 6/18 – Boothill Speedway, 6/25 - I-70 Motorsports Park); Derek Hagar – 2 (3/25 – I-30 Speedway; 6/17 – Texarkana 67 Speedway); Seth Bergman – 1 (3/19 – Devil's Bowl Speedway); Aaron Reutzel – 1 (3/26 – I-30 Speedway); Dylan Westbrook – 1 (5/28 – Lake Ozark Speedway); Sam Hafertepe, Jr. – 1 (5/29 – Thunderbird Speedway); Matt Covington – 1 (7/1 – Boone County Raceway); Jake Bubak – 1 (7/2 – WaKeeney Speedway); Zach Blurton – 1 (7/3 – WaKeeney Speedway);
2022 Driver Points (Top 15): 1. Blake Hahn 1,432; 2 Wayne Johnson 1,391; 3. Jason Martin 1,376; 4. Garet Williamson 1,349; 5. Matt Covington 1,296; 6. Tim Crawley 1,274; 7. Brandon Anderson 1,271; 8. Landon Britt 1,115; 9. Landon Crawley 1,113; 10. Kyler Johnson 1,101; 11. Ryan Bickett 1,074; 12. Dylan Postier 962; 13. Dylan Opdahl 926; 14. Dylan Westbrook 729; 15. Seth Bergman 566;



·       The win is Tyler Reddick’s first career victory in 92 NASCAR Cup Series starts.

·       It also marks the 110th NASCAR Cup Series triumph for Richard Childress Racing.

·       Reddick’s victory marks Chevrolet’s ninth-consecutive NASCAR Cup Series road course win.. a streak that started at Circuit of The Americas in May 2021.  

·       Reddick is now the 13th different NASCAR Cup Series winner thus far this season, seven of which are Chevrolet drivers.

·       Chevrolet drivers swept the top-five finishing positions, led by Reddick, Chase Elliott (2nd), Kyle Larson (3rd), Ross Chastain (4th) and Daniel Suarez (5th).

·       The victory moved Chevrolet to double-digit wins on the season, marking the Camaro ZL1’s 10th NASCAR Cup Series win of 2022.

·       The winningest brand in NASCAR, Chevrolet now has 824 all-time NASCAR Cup Series victories.


TYLER REDDICK, NO. 8 3CHI CAMARO ZL1, Race Winner Quick Quote:


Q. The two-time NASCAR Xfinity Series champion is now a Cup Series winner. So cool to see all these drivers coming back to congratulate him, including Brad Keselowski, who used to be his boss. What were you thinking as you were racing Chase Elliott there for the lead and eventually what wound up being the win?

“Well, I definitely knew he (Chase Elliott) was fast, but we could stay with him on the long run. That told me if we cycled through that last pit sequence, we'd be close or get around him, and we'd have a great shot. Didn't quite get around him.. we were within reach. Thankfully we just waited for the right opportunity and was able to take advantage of it in Turn 6.


I thought he was going to run me back down. I started to make some mistakes and started to take care of the brakes; apparently I didn't need to. Yeah, very good shape there. What a day.


Q. I want to know the significance for you personally. We talked earlier this week, you said we've got to put together the last 10 percent of a race. You did that today. Did you sense the playoff pressure, that hey, our season is on the line, we've got to get it done today?

“We had to. What better place than Road America? I love the fans. I love this racetrack. Being here on 4th of July weekend is just so special. And just a huge shout out to 3Chi and the special paint scheme we had this weekend. Love that they're coming on board this year and taking a chance on a young guy like me and we got it done. We won a race.”


Q. Not only is it the first win for you, Randall Burnett; and now RCR is in the playoffs, as well.

“Randall (Burnett, Crew Chief) has been working at this for a very long time and he's always believed in me. Everyone on this team at Richard Childress Racing has believed in me. I've made a lot of mistakes along the way; but man, this year has been one step, one mistake away from greatness all year long, and we finally did it today. It feels good.”



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