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Buescher's Car and Dover to Feature Space Coast Center for Mothers

Turner Motorsports and the Space Coast Center for Mothers with Children have formed a joint partnership which will feature the Melbourne, Fla., organization as the primary sponsor on James Buescher's No. 31 Chevrolet Silverado in next Friday's Lucas Oil 200 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (NCWTS) race at Dover International Speedway. The Space Coast Center for Mothers with Children is a residential facility in Brevard County that helps homeless single mothers and their children transition from being without many of life's basic needs to becoming self-sufficient.

Dedicated to providing mental, spiritual and physical guidance, the Space Coast Center is an 18-24 month fully supported residential transition program for single-homeless mothers and their children who are focused on rebuilding their lives. The program provides assistance with mental and physical health care, higher educational needs, vocational training, as well as shelter to its participants. Mothers take part in programs ranging from parenting and self-esteem management classes to financial planning and basic life skills. Children receive on-site counseling and tutoring, participate in community activities while living in a safe environment where they are allowed to just be kids.

"Homelessness in America is an epidemic," explained Lila Buescher, President and Chief Executive Officer of Space Coast Center for Mothers with Children. "Through our mission, we strive to break the cycle of homelessness by empowering our families with the necessary skills to function on their own and facilitate in building a strong foundation for their children to prosper as adults." NASCAR races offer national television and radio audiences and provide a great platform to raise awareness not only for the Space Coast Center but also for homeless families around the country."

Important Facts:

·         1.5 million (one in 50) homeless children in America.

·         Thirty four percent of the homeless population is comprised of families with children.

·         Eighty four percent of the homeless population is female-headed.

·         A single mother who is in her late twenties has two children heads the average homeless family.

·         Seventy thousand homeless children in Florida (28,000 under age of six)

·         One thousand homeless children who are living in the woods, abandoned buildings, cars and run down motels are attending schools in the Melbourne, FL area.

·         One in 29 children in Florida do not know where they will get their next meal

·         Homeless children struggle with addictions, mental illness and a life of crime as adults.

*Statistics taken from the Nation Center on Family Homelessness

In the racing arena, Turner Motorsports owner and principal Steve Turner has always demonstrated a passion for developing young racers by offering an outlet to showcase their talents and season them to become the stars of the future. Much in the same way, Turner, along with his wife Sandra, are committed to supporting and advancing the Space Coast Center's cause and message.

"Lila Buescher is an incredible woman and to call her cause and work noble can't be overstated," commented Turner. "People all over the United States have had to make significant sacrifices as a result of the economic recession that our country has experienced. Many, many people have lost their jobs and their homes and are struggling just to keep their families together. I started Turner Motorsports in 1999 as a way to spend more time with my family. We've worked hard and been fortunate to grow our race team into the winning organization it is today and that all started as way to keep our family close. Nothing is more worthy of our support and recognition than helping families stay together."

The Space Coast Center also has a special place in the heart of driver James Buescher. Lila Buescher is his aunt from his father's side and has served as an inspiration for the 21-year-old wheelman. Buescher is currently 16th in the NCWTS point standings and is coming off his second top-five finish of the season.

"What Lila has done in central Florida is amazing," Buescher said. "She is giving women and children the opportunity for a fresh start by providing both housing and life training. There are over 70,000 homeless women and children in Florida alone, so there is obviously an overwhelming need for these types of services. We are honored to showcase the Space Coast Center on our No. 31 Chevrolet Silverado next weekend at Dover International Speedway. Our goal is to raise awareness about the great things that the Space Coast Center does and will continue to do in the future."


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