JC Blum joins Rick Ware Racing for 2013 Nationwide Series

The pilot Juan Carlos Blum tapatío made its expected announcement on the competition schedule.

You will be participating this year, which announced its entry into the American category called NASCAR Nationwide Series after reaching agreement even to be part of the team Rick Ware Racing, United Race Group throughout the 2013 season.

Juan Carlos Blum who has the age of 18 give a big leap to his sporting career since making his foray from the ranks of karting (at age eleven), after competing very successfully at the national championships plus some shares in the United States in the fastest 125cc Shifter, decided instead to lean to the cars stock cars, beginning his journey in the Super Stock V6 (support category to the NASCAR TOYOTA Series) in Mexico and also the skills to combine try your luck in the ARCA Series in 2012, making some appearances in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

The challenge we face Juan Carlos Blum will be the largest of its short racing career, because you will be contesting a total of 33 competitions being the first Mexican midfielder participate full-time in this competitive category in which pilots are also included large talent and who have succeeded in the main it is the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, which is his goal of winning the most important series in the United States.

The skills agenda Juan Carlos Blum member of the Rick Ware Racing team-United Race Group, who will be handling the Stock Car # 15 Chevrolet Monte Carlo will begin on February 23, 2013 was the first calendar day of the NASCAR Nationwide Series on the tri-oval 2.5 miles (4.0225 km) located on the premises of the Daytona International Speedway in Florida, and is also the support race at Daytona 500 (star of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series). the most important test of 2013.

“I’m excited, I still do not believe it, the power to run a full Nationwide season is a great challenge for me and a great opportunity that is giving me. To run the Daytona Superspeedway is a dream in my career, the first opportunity I had on this track was over a year ago and was one of the best experiences of my life, now that he has this time I have to make the most and learn all you can “

Juan Carlos Blum aims to end the powers besides going to give the best results as the season progresses, being a commitment to his team-Rick Ware Racing United Race Group the challenge will not be easy because you will have some rivals as Kevin Harvick , Joy Logano and Kyle Busch to continue also in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2013.

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