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NXS: Justin Allgaier saves fuel to win rain delayed Alsco 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway

NXS: Justin Allgaier saves fuel to win rain delayed Alsco 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway NK Photography Photo

Two days after the initial start of the Alsco 300 at Charlotte the Xfinity event would finally get underway with fog and a light mist rolling into the speedway.

Allgaier would take the green flag leading the first lap with a light mist continuing to fall around the speedway. Within 10 laps Ty Gibbs pulling a double for the day would work himself up into the second spot and begin to challenge Allgaier for the lead.

With mist and rain starting to pick up around the track Allgaier would open a near four-tenth second lead over Gibbs just as NASCAR would throw the competition caution on lap 20.  NASCAR would then open the pits handing the lead over to Ty Gibbs who won the battle off pit road over Nemechek with previous race leader Allgaier coming out in the fifth spot.

But the race would never get back underway with rain picking up and the track wet NASCAR would then be forced to call the cars to pit road and red flag the event to begin drying of the track. Within an hour NASCAR would make the decision to postpone the event once again with the window closing to dry the track and get the Coca-Cola 600 started on time.

Following the ending of a nearly five-hour Coca-Cola 600 won by Ryan Blaney, NASCAR would get the Xfinity race back underway just prior to 10:00 p.m. on the east coast.

Once the race would get back underway the second stage would go to the end caution free with Ty Gibbs controlling the stage just as he had done in the first stage prior to the caution and red flag, Nemechek, Allgaier, Austin Hill, and Creed would round out the top-five.

During the caution Gibbs and team would make an extended stop due to a radio issue in the car which required the change of the steering wheel and harness to fix an issue with the channel staying open.

Following the restart Gibbs would work himself inside the top-10 before he would slap the wall but continue to make up ground moving into the seventh spot before Sam Mayer would slap the inside wall down the backstretch to bring out the fourth caution of the night.

On the restart Nemechek would fire off but it would be Allgaier challenging him for the lead within a lap Allgaier would take over the point bringing Austin Hill with him for a short stint before Nemechek would battle back for the second spot.

By the time Nemechek would make his way back around A. Hill, Allgaier would be nearly a second out front in the lead.

Passing 150 completed, Nemechek would begin to track down Allgaier for the lead. By the time Nemechek would get to the bumper of the No. 7 machine to try and make the pass the pair would make contact with each other. Both would get loose but save the cars and continue with Nemechek having to bail on the battle for the lead.

Nemechek would once again reel in Allgaier for the lead who had been saving fuel to make it to the end, finally grabbing the lead for four laps before Allgaier would once again take it back when he was informed that he was good to go on fuel and no longer needed to save.

As the laps would wind down under 10 to go fuel mileage would come into play with several drivers having to peel off the track and head to pit road including Gibbs and Austin Hill both well inside the top-five having to pit.

Allgaier and Nemechek would both start to run slower and slower laps trying to conserve fuel with as much as a second slower a lap as they would come to five to go Nemechek would be over six second back from the leader.

In the end Allgaier would save enough fuel to take home the win over Nemechek by more than a seven second margin followed by Custer, A. Hill and Gibbs.

The NASCAR Xfinity Series now moves onto Portland International Raceway next Saturday, June 3rd at 4:30 p.m. ET on FS1.


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