TDJF, Earnhardt Jr. and Unilever Team Up to Support Local Schools

On Sept. 30, The Dale Jr. Foundation, in conjunction with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Unilever’s United For America campaign, presented officials at two North Carolina elementary schools with donations to aid the schools in an effort to provide them with the means to improve the educational experience going forward.

The donations totaled $270,000, to be split equally between Allenbrook Elementary School (Charlotte) and N.B. Mills Elementary School (Statesville), both of which are among the bottom 50 such schools in the Tar Heel State based on end-of-grade mathematics, reading and science test scores released by the North Carolina Dept. of Public Instruction. Allenbrook’s donation will go toward technology needs and some much-needed building upgrades, while N.B. Mills will use its donation to improve technology and tutoring as well as building an adaptive play structure.

The Dale Jr. Foundation has focused on youth in underserved communities since its inception, and Earnhardt Jr.’s focus this year was on education. After some study, Allenbrook and N.B. Mills were chosen to receive the donations from TDJF and Unilever.

“One of the great things about doing initiatives like this is, we can reach out to our partners like Unilever, and they are more than eager to be part of it,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “It really expands the impact that I can have, that our Foundation can have and our donors can have. When you have a brand like Unilever who is already active in communities across the country as it is, this is right in their lane.”

Unilever, a cornerstone partner of Earnhardt Jr. and JR Motorsports, has made the donations a part of its United for America campaign, which serves to inspire collective action to meet the essential needs of our hardest-hit communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure a bright future is still within their reach. Those goals align perfectly with The Dale Jr. Foundation’s long-held mission of giving underprivileged individuals, with a focus on youth, the resources to improve their confidence and education and the opportunity to achieve extraordinary goals.

The donations will help Allenbrook Elementary Principal Kimberly D. Vaught and her team in their mission to refocus the educational experience at the Charlotte school.

“It means everything to me, my team and our school community to know that not only that there are good people but there are people with vision and the heart to sow good seeds into this community so that as we bring forward this harvest of outstanding academic achievement, students who are confident and on their way to college, a community that is working together to dismantle systemic poverty,” Vaught said. “This gift today, this opportunity from The Dale Jr. Foundation, means everything to us as we are thinking about turning our school around and giving our school back to the community better than we found it. I know it will be an immediate impact, because our community will know that they were sought out, that someone saw them and values them. This will serve as a foundation for us.”

Likewise, N.B. Mills Elementary School Principal Jonathan Nicastro will be able to expand the scope of technology for his students and teachers as well as build important infrastructure for students with disabilities.

“When they came and presented the check, it was ten times what I was expecting, and I couldn’t believe it. I was really excited. It is like a godsend,” Nicastro said. “We want to put Apple TVs in each of the classrooms so that teachers can connect wirelessly, and we’ll do more training to figure out how to utilize that. One of the things I’ve wanted to get going is an after-school tutoring project, and I can expand those plans now into every grade level. We’ll put in a whole new play structure as well. It’s a game-changer. This is a partnership now. We can make an impact on our curriculum, the perception of our school and the atmosphere and excitement for N.B. Mills. It’s amazing.”

Earnhardt Jr., The Dale Jr. Foundation and Unilever, through its United for America campaign, combined to make a real difference for two schools in need of assistance as part of the larger goal to improve confidence and education in local communities.

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