Rookie Jesse Little is Knocking on the Door of a Playoff Position

Rookie Jesse Little is Knocking on the Door of a Playoff Position NK Photography Photo

It's common knowledge that a rookie and an underfunded team should not be knocking on the door of the NASCAR Xfinity playoffs. But that is right where Jesse Little and his JD Motorsports team stands.

With 8 races left in the regular season Jesse currently sits 16th in points, 20 points back of 13th, and 50 back of 12th. Certainly within striking distance of making the playoffs for Jesse and his JD Motorsports team.

"The team and I have definitely found our rhythm in the last couple of months. We have had nothing but consistent finishes and now find ourselves in the NASCAR Playoffs discussion," Jesse said. "We are on the outside looking in for sure, but I believe with some support and the right partners we could make a strong run and fight for some top 10s rather than just top 15s. It's been great so far to close the points gap to what it is now. We will continue to focus hard on finding sponsorship as well performing on the track."

With a solid record of 12 Top 20's and 8 top 15's since returning to action after the hiatus, a little more sponsor support would go a long way in putting the team in playoff contention and to finish the year with strong finishes. What is the biggest benefit of additional sponsorship funding Jesse was asked. "Certainly tires and engines. One set of tires, depending on the track can be $2,200. Tires for the entire race are approximately $10,000, and that's with no practice, lease engines can double or triple the cost of tires. "Even with less funding for tires and engines the team is progressing well" said Jesse. "We believe we can complete for Top 10 finishes even as a underfunded team and can make a run at final playoff spot."

The weekly tradition of engaging with fan's from the track and answering questions before the race continued this past week at Texas Motor Speedway. This time Jesse took us on a tour of his pit stall in an effort to bring fans closer to the action. The fans are well aware of how close Jesse is to breaking into the top 12 in points, which would secure a playoff position, as the first question of the day asked about the possibility of a playoff run. "I think that is not unrealistic at all. Where we sit right now, if we could have have another string of 4-5 really good races and squeak out a couple top 10's, that puts us in contention", Jesse replied.

NASCAR is beginning to allow fans to return to the track and fans are allowed in the stands at many local tracks. show off your support of Jesse with this Logo T is the Jesse Little Shop.

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