Joey Gase and Bumpers That Deliver Forge Dynamic Partnership Amid Viral Track Sensation

In a dramatic showcase of determination and racing prowess, NASCAR XFINITY Series driver Joey Gase captured the spotlight at the ToyotaCare 250 at Richmond Raceway. Gase’s spirited action, hurling the bumper of his car at Dawson Cram, has become an instant viral hit, symbolizing his fiery competitive nature.

This pivotal moment arose from a track dispute, where Gase, after a spinout, meticulously timed his bumper toss at Cram’s speeding car. Featuring a McGruff the Crime Dog “Race Against Crime” ad, the bumper’s flight over Cram’s car made a striking visual impact, intensifying the spotlight on Gase without affecting the race’s flow.

Amid this buzz, Bumpers That Deliver by MBI Auto proudly announces its primary sponsorship with Joey Gase Motorsports. This freshly minted partnership, brimming with mutual enthusiasm, ensures Bumpers That Deliver’s prominent display on Gase’s vehicle, headlined by the primary sponsorship at the Michigan Speedway’s Cabo Wabo 250.

Bumpers That Deliver extends its commitment beyond the track, supporting Gase’s cherished charitable cause, Donate Life. This collaboration is set to bolster Donate Life’s pivotal mission and underscore the resilience and tenacity inherent in NASCAR and its community.

The partnership promotes the National Crime Prevention Council’s Go For Real program. Gase has been championing the cause of fake parts for more than two years. Go For Real spotlights the perils of counterfeit automotive parts, underscoring the necessity of genuine, quality components. Bumpers That Deliver epitomizes this commitment to quality and safety, mirroring NASCAR’s rigorous inspection standards to ensure top-tier, race-ready products.

Joey Gase, expressing his zeal for the partnership, remarked, “Joining forces with Bumpers That Deliver is a thrilling new chapter in my career. This alliance not only underscores the dynamic nature of NASCAR but also fortifies the impactful work of Donate Life and the Go For Real program, steering us toward a safer and more genuine future.”

Bumpers That Deliver echoed this enthusiasm, stating, “Joey Gase’s intense racing passion mirrors our dedication to delivering top-notch bumpers. His unique bumper delivery last week showcases why we’re thrilled to back Joey Gase Racing, the National Crime Prevention Council, and Donate Life. We are your go-to for premium replacement auto parts, offering convenience and quality directly to your doorstep.”

Stay tuned for exciting initiatives and giveaways, including chances to win premium products by sharing your vehicle’s damage stories. Follow Bumpers That Deliver on social media for updates and contest details.

As Joey Gase continues to command attention on and off the track, his partnership with Bumpers That Deliver, Donate Life, and the National Crime Prevention Council is set to be a riveting narrative in the NASCAR Xfinity Series saga.

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