Jason Myers Continues Win Streak Race at Bowman Gray

Jason Myers has been on a tear lately at Bowman Gray Stadium.

After winning last week in the first 25-lap race in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series, Myers picked up another win Saturday night for his third win of the season and the 40th of his stellar career.

Myers withstood eight caution flags and fended off runner-up Danny Bohn for the win.

“It was just one of those deals where I ended up. I just put all the pressure on myself tonight,” Myers said. “I slipped a little bit in qualifying. I wanted to be in the top four because I wanted to go for that bonus money. But it ended up working out, with me slipping in qualifying because we ended up with a win.”

The bonus money Myers is talking about was the $9,000 Fans’ Challenge available to the top four qualifiers. They have the option of starting in the rear – and if they race back to a top-four finish, they the $9,000 prize pool.

Myers didn’t qualify in the top four, but he did draw second next to John Holleman IV with a full-field redraw.

“I got aggravated. I said I was going to let my son draw. And I said, ‘You know what, I’m drawing,'” Myers said. “I said, I’m done. Just let me go in there and do it and I went in there and drew a two. So, I got the lead on the start. The restarts were catchy, catchy all night. But that’s where you win and lose over here on those restarts. And we had all good ones all night. We had a good race car.”

Myers also raced strategically in order to preserve his tires for the critical end of the race.

“When you get the lead that early in the race you’ve really got nothing to do but lose at that point,” Myers said. “So, your strategy changes a little bit. Instead of go hard, go hard, go hard – it’s go as hard as I need to and make sure I’ve got enough at the end. Because the last thing I need to do is give this race away with 10 laps to go.”

Bohn went to the outside of Myers on the double-file restarts, but Myers prevailed.

“I kind of went back to the way we were at the beginning of the year,” Bohn said. “We struggled the last couple races, but mainly wanted to qualify in the top four. That didn’t happen, but I don’t know, you look at the top three over there and first and second (Holleman) started on the front row. We started 11th. I can’t really complain about that.

“Obviously still wish we would’ve won. That’s our second, second-place finish this year, but nothing to be ashamed of. We have a good baseline now.”

Holleman finished third, Brandon Ward was fourth, and Chris Fleming, the points leader, was fifth.

“I didn’t have a lot of side bite or forward bite,” Bohn said. “I could run with him, but not enough to get by him. I know if I could’ve got him into one, or at least got half a car on him into one, maybe held him down a little bit. I could’ve maybe got by him. But he’s won a few over here. I think he probably had a better car.”

For Myers, it was yet another milestone win for him. Just a week after breaking the tie with his father, Gary, by picking up his 39th career win, he collected his 40th win Saturday night.

“That’s a big number,” Jason Myers said. “Man, these 100-lappers. It’s a battle. These races right here, they really make you feel like you earn them.”

Jason’s brother, Burt Myers, qualified on the pole, followed by Tim Brown, Brandon Ward, and Lee Jeffreys. However, Burt Myers was the only driver to elect to go to the back of the field and take on the Fan’s Challenge.

Burt Myers made his way up through the field and seemd to be in a promising position to make the top-four, but a run-in with Lee Jeffreys sent Myers spinning. He finished 10th. With no one collecting the $9,000 prize pool, it will roll over to the next 100-lap race on Aug. 5, when it will increase to $12,000.

Also, the points race in the Modified Series is continuing to get more heated. After double points were awarded on Saturday, Fleming leads with 540 points, 13 ahead of defending champion and 12-time champion Brown. Ward is third with 516 points, Burt Myers is fourth with 507, and Jeffreys is fifth with 501.

“I’ve got a really good race team. You know what I mean?,” Fleming said. “I work 60 hours a week, and I keep these race cars up at night. And I’m bringing two to the race track every week. I have to prepare them both. And to be honest with you, I’m wore out. I’m really tired.”

No matter how tired Fleming is he has a legitimate chance of winning his first championship at 60 years old.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know the man that does,” he said. “That’s all I know right now to say. We wonder what’s going to happen. You know, they always count me out, so count me out some more, right?”

Zack Ore continued his winning ways in the first 20-lap race in the McDowell Heating & Air Series Saturday night with a dominating win.

Ore, who has won three races this season, started second behind Tommy Neal, but Ore jumped Neal on the start and cruised the rest of the way.

“There at the beginning we just sat on cruise control,” Ore said.

Sterling Plemmons was second, Justin Taylor was third, Chase Robertson was fourth. and Michael Adams was fifth.

Riley Neal won the second 20-lap Sportsman race for his third win of the season.

Neal, who is 15 years old, has five career wins.

“It feels amazing,” Riley Neal said. “I just can’t give enough thanks to the Lord for letting me do this every day, blessing my family, all my sponsors, me, everybody.”

Robertson was second, Adams was third, and Ore, who drew 16 in the “Madhouse Scramble,” finished fourth.

Robertson leads the points race with 576, Ore is second with 568, and Riley Neal is third with 561.

Brad Lewis won the 20-lap race in the Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series for his fourth win of the season.

Cale Martin finished runner-up, followed by Kevin Gilbert. Chase Lewis, the son of Brad Lewis, was fourth.

Because of double-points being awarded on Saturday, there is a three-way tie for first place in the points race between Christian Joyce, Brad Lewis, and Austin Jones.

“I’m not racing for points,” Brad Lewis said. “I guess that makes me dangerous.”

A.J. Sanders, who was leading the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series points race, kept his ranking after a strong performance on Saturday night.

Sanders picked up his third win of the season, defeating Chuck Wall. Isaac Harris was third, Blaine Curry was fourth, and Brandon Brendle was fifth.

“Chuck Wall is a class act,” Sanders said. “What can you say about Chuck Wall? I mean, Chuck Wall is Chuck Wall. We’re just very, very blessed. The Good Lord above has blessed us all year to have good finishes.”

Sanders leads the points race with 602 points, Brendle is second with 572, and Harris and Curry are tied for third with 550.

Tyler Bush, who was filling in for Wyatt Sapp, won the Stadium Stock “B” race in the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series.

“I’ve never won here before…,” Bush said. “I finally got it done tonight. First of all, I’ve got to thank Wyatt Sapp.”

Carson Reed was runner-up, followed by Junior Smith, and Joel Stewart.

We’re down to the final four weeks of the Bowman Gray Stadium schedule. Racing next week is highlighted by the Colors Edge Sportsman 100, which is a 100-lap race for the McDowell Heating & Air Sportsman Series. There will also be double-file restarts with a cone.

In addition, there will be twin 25-lap races in the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series, a 20-lap race in the Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series, and either one or two 15-lap races in the Q104.1 Stadium Stock Series.

There will also be the Midway Mobile Storage Chain Race with teams of two cars chained together.